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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Nation and Q+A review

The Nat
Rodney is on fighting for his political life, he is worried and he should be. The next wave of information about ACT MP's sounds like it will crash onto the public next week, as Duncan asks him question after question about the leaks and rumours that there is more to come.

This is Duncan Garner at his best, he is attack dog and inquisitor and keeps bringing it to Rodney's credibility as leader, he arrogantly claims he hasn't taken Epsom for granted and he now says he would stand aside as leader if he thought it was for ACT's best interests, to admit that and to get sucked into Duncan's question shows how running scared Rodney is, it's amazing for him to admit that.

He claims Epsom will vote for ACT to keep National in power, that is a desperate reason to vote for an intellectually bankrupt freak show. Epsom voters will swallow a dead rat to vote for a hypocrite? No Rodney, politicians swallow dead rats, voters don't swallow dead rats.

Excellent story on the Labour Party selection Mana, will it be the PI outsider that head office wants or the local white Labour candidate? Claims that Chris knocked on the National Party door first to see if they wanted him as a candidate better not be true because if it is, then Labour can expect one almighty shit fight.

Mana has to be won well, and winning well has to be done with honour, too much blood on the floor from in fighting will rob this win of any symbolic momentum towards the 2011 election. The country will be watching.

Fascinating story about the Greek community in Wellington.

The panel consists of the brilliant Matt McCarten (who will beat cancer dammit!) and Chris Trotter (who will appear on Citizen A this week). They are all wearing suits, it's an ACT Party funeral. They all agree that Hide is goneburger and ACT simply can't stay afloat. They all laugh and laugh and laugh about the internal leak.

We are all laughing.

They touch base on the Maori Party and Hone, we claimed on Citizen A that Hone will look to step off as an independent. Will there be more stuff to be released? It sounds like there is, a leak is coming and more information will be released. The blood is in the water, ACT go bye bye now.

Listening to the financial clown from AXA trying to explain how 'growth' will come about is a fucking joke. We have a crises of capitalism, it's happening, it's here, it's now.

Holmes vs Hide, Espiner vs Tolley and joining Dr Jon Johansson is former Greens MP Sue Bradford and former ACT MP Deborah Coddington. Me and Bernard Hickey are supposed to be on bloggerheads, but another technical cock up with has us left off at the last minute. Unbelievable.

Holmes comes out swinging and nails Rodney, nails him. Rodney tries this crap 'don't you believe in redemption' and Paul smashes back, 'Yes I do believe in redemption, but David Garrett doesn't and that's why you look like a pack of hypocrites'.

Gold! Simply gold!

It's blow after blow after blow after blow after blow after blow after blow. It's a butchery, it's blood splattering, it should come with an Adults Only warning, it's political violence at it's most beautiful.

The best Rodney can do to explain why Epsom should vote for him is because it allows them to manipulate and cheat MMP would be funny of it wasn't so desperate. 'Vote for me to manipulate the political system', doesn't really inspire confidence does it?

Rodney has the audacity to claim that the Auckland Super City is going well! IT'S ONLY GOING WELL BECAUSE HE HAS RAMMED THE ANNEXATION OF AUCKLAND THROUGH UNDER A MISUSE OF URGENCY! To point to that as a success is akin to claiming robbing you quickly is a positive.

The panel turn on ACT and Rodney with vicious glee.

Anne Tolley is on attempting to defend her attacks on education and teachers. Her attempt to inject false competition via a league table by stealth under these national standards is the real problem in education, Tolley dances around the issue, she doesn't sound credible in any way shape or form. Guyon nails the fact the money Tolley has put aside to help those students failing in National Standards only amounts to $60 per student! That's a farce!


At 19/9/10 11:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

umm your being left off because you hold no position of any value. you are a blogger. surely you have realised this by now??

At 19/9/10 1:19 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Silly anon, me and the right wing bernard hickey were left off because of a computer malfunction an hour before the show went to air.

Silly anon.

At 19/9/10 4:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deborah Coddington,appears to have lost a bit of condition,starting to look and sound like a bit of a "has been".Mind you they all appear a bit like that on Q+A.


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