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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Monkey Gods, Islamic prayer rooms and naked vagina - a tea party made in farcical hell

The Tea Party are morons aren't they? Here's organizer Mark Williams on the farcical 'Ground Zero Mosque' - "The Mosque would be for the worship of the terrorists' monkey god." MONKEY GOD? This clown doesn't know the difference between the Muslim faith or the Hindu faith does he?

I love how this glorified prayer room that is 2 and a half blocks away from 'ground zero' (naming the site where the WTC stood 'ground zero' is an affront to the REAL ground zero of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) is such an offense to the memory of those who died, yet the Pink Pussy Cat strip bar isn't offensive at all?

Apparently those who died on September 11 would only be offended by an Islamic Prayer room, not naked vagina, that's an interesting threshold for offense.


At 4/9/10 5:45 pm, Anonymous MacDoctor said...

et the Pink Pussy Cat strip bar isn't offensive at all?

I don't recall any strippers piloting the planes on September 11. I would imaging many in the "tea party" movement wound find the strip bar equally as offensive, but for vastly different reasons - reasons that would make demonstrating against it because it is near the site of ground zero pointless. The use of the term "ground zero", by the way, no Japanese would find offensive as it is only Americans that use the term in regards to Hiroshima.

Your National debt poster is hopelessly out of date - but then you probably haven't noticed that Obama has spent an extra trillion dollars he does not have...

At 4/9/10 7:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting how tories, who are supposedly rugged individualists, are all to happy to take a collectivist approach and label all Muslims terrorists when it suits their prejudices, or whatever lamo point they're trying to make.

Judge Holden


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