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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Maurice Williamson isn't racist, he just makes racists laugh

Muslims call on minister to apologise for jokes
Muslim community leaders are demanding an apology from Building Minister Maurice Williamson over his "totally inappropriate and offensive" jokes to a builders' awards ceremony.

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand is seeking advice from the Human Rights Commission about laying a complaint.

Mr Williamson cracked jokes about Muslims at the ceremony in Auckland last month. He also asked MC Oscar Kightley, Samoan star of Sione's Wedding, if his "papers were in order".

So we are racist for having issues with Crafar Farms but Maurice isn't racist when he slags off Muslims and has a go at Samoans??? How on earth did a builders award ceremony require jokes about Muslims and Samoans? Maurice is the embarrassing drunk racist uncle you have to put up with at Christmas.


At 9/9/10 8:02 am, Anonymous Gosman said...

"but Maurice isn't racist when he slags off Muslims..."

Yes you are correct. We went through this yestereday.

Making fun of a religion is not Racist.

At 9/9/10 8:53 am, Anonymous James said...

Jeez get some context...and some balls please Bommber.He slagged off no one...hes a joke teller from way back and he does it without malice.getting all prissy and panty bunched about it makes you look sillier than normal.

At 9/9/10 9:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad hair too. Never trust a politician with bad hair.

At 9/9/10 10:24 am, Anonymous JiveKitty said...

Muslims are a race now? Islam is a religion. Muslims are members of that religion. So no, he's not racist when he slags off Muslims. As to his question to Kightly, it may indicate racism but does not necessarily mean he is a racist.

At 9/9/10 11:02 am, Blogger dave said...

Maurice is a racist because he believes that capitalist civilisation means that bad behaviour is not genetically wired or sectarian dogma but results from individual choice. So for him the Chinese are rapidly civilising.
Those who oppose Chinese buying the Crafar farms ought to oppose all private ownership of productive land. That is China's approach. Nationalise the lot and give leasehold rights subject to proven ability to produce. There's your PPP.

At 9/9/10 12:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


We'll remind you of this post when you make make another anti-semetic hatepost on Israel.

At 9/9/10 12:40 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

Your just playing a game of semantics Gosman. So if we concede he's not technically being 'racist' perhaps we can settle on BIGOT. Either way it contradicts the statements about Chinese farm ownership and racism. Selling our land to any forign company concerns me, but I do believe that our -New Zealanders- attitude towards the Chinese is inconsistent with say American or Australian investment. And although I understand your stance isn't racist Bomber, I don't know that I could believe that of most who oppose this sale. In our globaliser world forign investment is inevitable, but selling the land the business operates on
just seems like more shortsighted nievety.

At 9/9/10 1:00 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

It's you we're laughing at anon. Opposing atrocity is not anti semetic it's humanitarian and has nothing to do with
expecting the ministers of our government to be both consistent and appropriate with their rhetoric. Telling a joke at a BBQ with friends is very different from standing at a public event as a public servant and a representative of our
Government and acting like a bloke in the changing room. Although I'm sure that's the sort of backward small-minded behaviour we should expect from the Neanderthal National Party and their supporters.

At 9/9/10 2:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"As to his question to Kightly, it may indicate racism but does not necessarily mean he is a racist."

Like Hone Harawira & his 'White Mutha-fucka' line.
It may indicate racism but does not necessarily mean he is a racist eh bro..

At 9/9/10 2:18 pm, Anonymous Gosman said...

"I'm sure that's the sort of backward small-minded behaviour we should expect from the Neanderthal National Party and their supporters."

Ooohh! - You're being racist AAMC.

Well if we follow Mr Bradbury's use of the term you are.

According to your own definintion, you are just being a BIGOT.

So what would you prefer us to call you - Racist or Bigot?

At 9/9/10 3:00 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...


At 9/9/10 10:21 pm, Anonymous JiveKitty said...

@Anonymous: "Yeah...
Like Hone Harawira & his 'White Mutha-fucka' line.
It may indicate racism but does not necessarily mean he is a racist eh bro.."

I realise it may seem stupid, but given the context - as it seems he saw it - there is an implication but not something that a definitive conclusion can be drawn from. His intentions and beliefs have not been clearly revealed given the confounds. Harawira's comments differ greatly in context and as such there is less room for interpreting intent and belief.

That said, him asking if Kightley's "papers were in order" initially went straight over my head. Difference in generational thinking, perhaps?

At 9/9/10 10:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Williamson is hardly original or creative.

He said exactly the same joke about muslims and stoning, at the New Zealand Earthquake Engineering conference which I attended in Christchurch April last year. It was in his pre-banquet speech. And there were several muslims in the room at the time.

At 9/9/10 10:43 pm, Anonymous husker said...

this minister has really lowered the bar for behaviour.
it might be time to look at his employment contract- i do not expect my employees to behave in such an intolerant and ill-mannered way

At 9/9/10 10:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So called 'racist' jokes, are in actual fact really acts of rudeness.

There is obviously a correlation between racists and those who tell racist jokes.

But that does not mean people who tell the racist joke are necessarily racists, of course.

Those who are racist are those who go and treat people differently, based on skin colour, ethnic origin etc.

So yes, not selling your house to a black man, but selling to a white man is racist.

Saying Americans, Israelis, and Italians can buy a farm, but Chinese cannot, is also racist.

(of course saying no foreigners can buy land is not a racist position. But in reference to the issue of the Crafar farms, those who hurriedly raise fear and panic, ---but then say it is not about the Chinese, while all along having happily ignored massive acquisitions by white foreigners beforehand. It is hard to believe that their opposition is not racially motivated).

At 9/9/10 11:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

possibly going off on a bit of a tangent here; I do believe that you and others have legitimate (non-racist!) concerns about foreign purchasing of land in NZ (I disagree but I'm not worried about arguing the point right now) but can you honestly say that you believe there would be as many people opposed to the sale if it were a coming from a country that were white and spoke english? Granted, China is a special case but I think it is fair to say at least some of the opposition is mere racism.
Just to repeat, I'm not accusing you of racism, I do believe you have legitimate reasons for your opposition.

At 10/9/10 1:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous makes a good point.

Green Party, Maori Party, Maori oppposition, and Mr Bradbury's opposition seems to have been consistent and principled.

But much of the opposition is racially motivated.

Or is it the media only raised the issue when it was a Chinese buyer, and it is the media which is racist, but not the public which can only be concerned if they know of the issue.

Whatever the case, if the buyers were American, British, Italian, Israeli or whatever - it would have been much less of a deal. I think we all know that.

At 10/9/10 10:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He looks like a moose.


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