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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mainstream media jump up and down about credit cards but ignores theft of Auckland

You would think that a fringe politician like Rodney Hide with barely 3% of the popular vote would not be able to appoint who he likes to run 75% of Aucklands assets, yet he has. You would think that the National Party flunky stacked Momentum Consultancy who appointed fantasist Steven Wilkes to the Defence department wouldn’t be allowed to appoint people to the Super City, you would think decisions to make computer contracts worth over $50 million dollars none publicly tendered for Auckland would demand some level of outrage, because the sheer corruption of the democratic process we are witnessing with the Super City is staggering.

Corporate directors with over lapping jobs will be eyeing up Aucklands assets to sell off to their well connected mates in the private sector, and it will all be done behind the faintest veil of transparency – yet what do the mainstream media prefer to focus on? Bullshit petty Credit Card expenses, it is more important what dirty movie Shane Jones rented than allowing corporations to gain unfettered access to our assets, it’s more important chasing Chris Carter down stairs over flowers he’d bought his partner than demanding accountability from the Super City, it’s a bigger story that Len Brown took someone to dinner on his credit card than force focus onto Rodney’s annexing of an entire city under a misuse of urgency.

Apparently the bullshit pettiness of Credit Card spending is more important to us all than the outright theft of the largest city in NZ.


At 14/9/10 10:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Labour set up a Royal Commission which recommended a single council, but you blame National.

You really are silly arent you.

At 14/9/10 10:35 am, Blogger Bomber said...

It's always the anonymous posters isn't it folks?

It wasn't the Royal Commission I had a problem with, it was the manner in which Rodney Hide and this hard right National Party went ahead with ramming their changes through by annexing Auckland in a misuse of urgency.

You National Party Research types don't comprehend very well, and play the smoke screen trick poorly.

Lift your game.

At 14/9/10 10:41 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard right? What a joke. Wait till we win next year and can start pursuing our agenda.

At 14/9/10 12:08 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

Help us please! What Anon, has the Royal Commission
got in common with what Rodney has crated?
Other than in it's broadest amalgamation suggestions, did they make any reccomendations about CCO's stacked
from the revolving corporate door? Did the recommend the inevitable sale if assets? Did they really recommend a man
who's party is at the extreme fringe of NZ politics having any influence over the future of our biggest city?

At 14/9/10 2:06 pm, Blogger Uroskin said...

Change the setting in your blogspot so anonymous comments are not allowed

At 14/9/10 2:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Apparently the bullshit pettiness of Credit Card spending is more important to us all than the outright theft of the largest city in NZ."

Ever hear of the word veracity Bomber?

Maybe you should look it up.

BTW who the fuck are you to tell voters what they should take into consideration when deciding to vote. Oh that's right the left likes unthinking leemings as voters. Too bad for you that they are not.

At 14/9/10 2:48 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Ever heard of the mainstream media treating viewers as consumers and not citizens?

Maybe you should look that up.

BTW it's called having an opinion, this is a blog, I post opinions here. Oh that's right, you right wing types don't like hearing opinions that challenge your status quo do you? Too bad for you voters like to hear other opinions.

At 14/9/10 3:53 pm, Anonymous Richard said...

Ever hear of the word veracity Bomber?

Ha! And is the veracity of John Banks' statements high or low?

What about the veracity of Key and Rodney's statements to do with the Super City?


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