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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let's be clear - Paula Bennett should pay personally, not the taxpayer

We have a crazy situation here where Bennett has been allowed to proceed with a complaint against TV3 outside the normal parameters thanks to the new politically appointed National Party flunkies Peter Radich and Mary Shanahan on the BSA.

Bennett complaint to go ahead
A complaint by Social Welfare Minister Paula Bennett over a TV3 news item in April which claimed she offered money to a solo mum and beneficiary in exchange for dropping a privacy complaint is to go ahead, after the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) ruled her initial letter to TV3 counted as a formal complaint. The decision split the BSA, with one member, Leigh Pearson, disagreeing with the chairman, Peter Radich, and other members

Now the joke here is that TV3 may get spanked for reporting Paula may have offered Tarsha Fuller cash for her illegal breach of privacy aimed at Tarsha for daring to criticize a cut in a benefits that Paula her self hypocritically used, YET the complaint against Paula has substance and will be heard in front of the Human Rights Review Tribunal...

Ms Fuller's complaint has since been referred to the Director of the Office of Human Rights Proceedings, part of the Human Rights Commission, after Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff was unable to resolve it. She said the complaint had "substance".

Spokesman for the Office of Human Rights Proceedings Gilbert Wong said the director Robert Hesketh was currently awaiting submissions from lawyers for both Ms Fuller and Ms Bennett, expected in the next fortnight.

The director may then either direct them to further mediation, or else refer it to the Human Rights Review Tribunal, a legal body which had the power to make rulings and order compensation or other penalties.

...and here is where it gets real nasty because unnotived by most in the msm, National appointed a raft of flunkies onto the Human Rights Review Tribunal including homophone Brian Neeson and let's not forget the process Simon Power used to appoint these flunkies to the Human Rights Review Tribunal was corrupt...

Power Has To Answer For Human Rights Appointments
"As Justice Minister, Simon Power agreed to a process where candidates for appointment to the Tribunal were interviewed. This happened for a number of candidates, but it is clear from the papers that have been released that Brian Neeson, Ken Shirley, Ravi Musuku, Wendy Gilchrist and Gavin Cook were suggested as members by Ministers late in the process, and did not go through the same process as others who had been nominated," Grant Robertson said. "It is not unusual for Ministers to suggest nominees, but in this case it goes directly against the advice of the Chair of the Tribunal Royden Hindle. The papers note his view that "without interviews by an appropriately selected interview panel the process will not provide an opportunity to properly assess the candidates suitability and thus will fail to provide sufficient security that conflicts of interest and any other potentially adverse issues are identified."

...so we may have the BSA National Party flunkies spanking TV3 for reporting Bennett had offered hush money for her illegal breach of Privacy and we might have the Human Rights Review Tribunal National Party appointed flunkies turn down a complaint of substance against Bennett.

NZ truly is becoming a Kumera Republic, but in the hope that our watchdog bodies don't become lap dogs let's all agree that Paula Bennett must pay whatever damages against Tarsha Fuller out of her own pocket and NOT the taxpayers pocket.


At 27/9/10 3:03 am, Anonymous Angela Greenkiwi said...

Agreed. But sadly Paula Bennet has been suckling off the tax-payer tit all her adult life. As either a beneficiary,a student,("entitled" to the Training Incentive Allowance she subsequently axed)or a member of parliament...the tab has ALWAYS been on us where Paula is concerned.

I genuinely had high hopes for Paula with this portfolio.She should be an example of how great good can come from a little bit of well-targeted help that the Training Incentive Allowance is/was.But the fact is Paula abused the position of Authority & Influence we gave her. Instead she's become yet another sad example of how a little bit of power goes to some people's heads.

Listening to valid objections from concerned & affected law-abiding citizens is a part of Paula's JOB. Get the run-around from a tradesman? Go to FairGo.Get the run-around from an MP who won't listen?....go to the Media.

One Thing Paula FORGOT when she "attempted to create some balance" in the Media by abusing her position of Authority as Minister of SOCIAL Welfare in illegally releasing to the Media the "real-income" details of the beneficiaries who had the temerity to challenge HER Authority...what she forgot to release were all the "real-bills/expenditure" details that these beneficiaries budgets had to meet.

Maybe it's because Ms Bennett never made it to 6th form, I dunno. But what I do remember myself from 6th form Accounting is this: For ANYTHING to be "balanced" one must list all debits AND credits ACCURATELY.

Just another body for the Hypocrite pile this Government is turning into.

At 27/9/10 7:36 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck sake, Paula. You DID offer hush money to that women to make this all go away. Stop denying it. Oh, and how about doing a good job for once instead of being a do nothing cry baby?


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