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Thursday, September 02, 2010

John Banks of all people plays the race card?

Mayors differ on race issue
Manukau Mayor Len Brown wants to split up Auckland on race by supporting separate Maori seats on the Auckland Council, says his main rival for the Super City mayoralty, John Banks. "I don't support that. I'm not going to divide this city up on race," Mr Banks said during a mayoral debate on TV3's Campbell Live last night.

Wasn't that a new low in this race, John Banks playing the race card? WTF? How can anyone take John Banks who has said so many disgraceful things about anyone not white during his time as a Talkback host seriously when he claims Len Brown is trying to be racially divisive?

It's like Paul Henry complaining about the quality of the news or Rodney Hide fronting zero tolerance on bullys.

Dog whistle politics by the master.


At 2/9/10 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to see Banks calling it for what it is.

Hopefully Aucklanders will heed his warning and tell Brown where to stick his racist gerrymandering.

At 2/9/10 5:51 pm, Anonymous w said...

i think i listened to this odious little creep once or twice ( on talkback ... what WAS i thinking ?!) and i heard him say , to ( or about )an African caller :
" go back to the jungle and swing through the trees "

At 4/9/10 10:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure you heard him say that w, just like I think I listened to Helen Clark say that her and Piti Sharples like to eat babies. Please take your unsubstantiated "memories" and piss off.


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