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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's not about second chances for David Garrett and ACT

Garrett lied to police on fraud
Disgraced ACT MP David Garrett lied to police – and then kept his assault conviction secret from the judge who let him off a charge of stealing a dead baby's identity.

On Campbell Live last night they talked to the Dr who punched Garrett and he gives a very different version of events than David did, I wonder what David did to make the Dr punch him?

Let's be very clear that this isn't the way Rodney and Garth McVicars have tried to paint it out, this isn't about mistakes in the past and redemption, of course people should be given second chances, we need to believe that people can learn from their mistakes and can make amends for their past and that is something we should all support, especially in a prison system that currently only damages prisoners more than when they went in.

This isn't about second chances or redemption.

Do I believe Garrett should be crucified for his assault charge or his stealing of a dead babies identity, no I don't. Let's be honest, in the pantheon of criminal acts, Garrett hardly rates special mention, this isn't about the acts, it is about the utter hypocrisy in hiding these acts and Garrett's breathtaking hypocrisy is merely the latest in a string of perk busting and bullying hypocrisies from a fringe political party.

Pretending to be against suppression orders and clean slate legislation while suppressing and trying to clean Garrett's slate is jaw dropping, and to hear Garth McVicars want to give his mate a second chance when Garth is so eager to deny others that second chance is just the icing on the cake.

ACT's hard line, no compassion, raw meat, medieval law and order policy has screamed zero tolerance and has injected a level of hate into social policy which only serves to make the entire prison system more damaging, that ACT pushed this agenda through with a man who hid his past criminal convictions is simply so audacious one doesn't know where to begin in its denigration.

The really angering thing however is that ACT has such a major influence on policy, from the expansion of 90 day right to sack to the annexation of Auckland. John Key allowing a fringe party of hypocrites to wag the dog isn't leadership, it's negligent political vandalism!

The only question remaining is if the good people of Epsom will put up with this intellectually bankrupt freak show for much longer.


At 17/9/10 9:15 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He (Garrett)told the court he could lose his practising certificate as a lawyer and at 47 was too old to retrain. He had suffered for 20 years from an anxiety condition controlled by anti-depressants and was not as psychologically robust as he would like to be.


A Whale of a tale.

At 17/9/10 11:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACT need to be removed from the NZ political landscape. One of my favourite things about NZ politics is the relative honesty (yes, I come from Australia) of the system and the parties. ACT time and again prove themselves to be red neck, hypocritical bullies. They get in on the fear factor - yet as it would appear, they are the ones to fear. They are a party that erodes hope for the disadvantaged and want one rule for the rich (so they don't loose their nice legal careers) but another for the disadvantaged. They will build a society of better criminals from over populating the prisons. When Pauline Hanson (Aussie Right Wing Independent - sooo similar) did a 3 week stint in jail, her message was that the in mates were there due to lack of resources. Amazing how a little exposure to reality is enlightening. On the 3 stikes policy, David better not get so much as a parking fine!

At 18/9/10 12:53 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Garrett may be quite an unsavoury character and a hypocrite, however that should not reflect badly on the Sensible Sentencing trust, or on the need to crack down hard on crims, or the fact that the 'three strikes' law is mostly a good law.

Some good news: apparently a couple of low life boy racers bit the dust in Onehunga trying to outrun the cops. Great job. Hope more of these scum go and kill themselves.

At 18/9/10 3:15 am, Blogger Heine said...

Wrong Anon 11:20am. None of Garretts crimes apart from the identity theft would be classified as a strike, especially when Garrett was at the wrong end of a nasty bit of violence from an angry Tongan thug.

Maybe read the law first before acting like yet another idiot who just wants to put the boot into ACT.

At 18/9/10 6:31 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Couple of things:

1: Wayne you are a crazy apologist for China, you are here for amusement purposes only

2: Heine you are a crazy apologist for ACT and if this is the best you have, you need to go back to the drawing board

At 19/9/10 8:11 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

There have been a lot of reports from Tonga appearing in news articles , which look like the Tongan psychiatrist fellow was a nasty thug, and the Garrett asault was typical, and the Tongan Polioce were ane are in in pay.

So what
Heine said...
Wrong Anon 11:20am. None of Garretts crimes apart from the identity theft would be classified as a strike, especially when Garrett was at the wrong end of a nasty bit of violence from an angry Tongan thug.


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