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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Is David Fane writing Maurice Williamson's jokes?

Minister made Muslim jokes before his racism remarks
Building Minister Maurice Williamson cracked jokes about Muslims at an awards ceremony – just days before he accused Kiwis of racism over foreign ownership.

Mr Williamson climbed on stage to present two awards and asked MC Oscar Kightley, the Samoan star of Sione's Wedding, if his "papers were in order".

He went on to tell jokes making fun of Islam. One asked: "What is the difference between Muslims and Kiwis? Muslims get to commit adultery and get stoned, Kiwis get stoned and commit adultery."

Mr Williamson also quipped about the weather being "Shi'ite in the morning and Sunni in the afternoon," a reference to the two main denominations of the religion.

After claiming we were being racist in our opposition to Crafar Farms Maurice Williamson is now caught out using racist jokes, not once, not twice, but three times???

Note concerns about Crafar Farm sales have nothing to do with Natural Dairy NZ setting up a new political Party here; it has nothing to do with Natural Dairy NZ 'donating' $200 000 to the National Party; it has nothing to do with China lending 0% interest loans to buy NZ land; it has nothing to do with China not allowing NZers buy Chinese land; it has nothing to do with the financial scandals involving the Chinese financiers; it has nothing to do with economic sovereignty - oh no. All concerns about Crafar Farm sales are just because we are racist!

Well if holding up legitimate concerns about Crafar Farms is 'racist' what does that make jokes at the expense of Muslims and Samoans?

Who is writing Maurice's jokes? David Fane?

Should we be surprise by the $200 000 donated self interested hypocrisy or surprised that after the Prime Ministers cannibalism joke, Maurice didn't just show up in a blackface minstrel act?

Are you still laughing Maurice?


At 8/9/10 8:16 am, Anonymous Gosman said...

When did making fun of a Religion become Racist?

You live in a bizarre strange world Mr Bradbury if you truly think that.

At 8/9/10 8:37 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Gosman I'm so surprised you are here on Tumeke after the IPCC review found that the science claiming man made pollution is warming the planet was so solid, surely you'd be over at Hot Topic 'kicking arse' with your climate denial cut and paste arguments?

As for racist jokes, while I think it's up to Muslims to define how they view those jokes for themselves I certainly think his comments show his style of racist humour, and can you just let everyone know Gosman since when was being Samoan a religion?

You live in a bizarre strange world Mr Gosman if you truly think being Samoan is a religion.

At 8/9/10 8:50 am, Anonymous fatty said...

"When did making fun of a Religion become Racist?"

Since Islam defines Arab people more than anything else, the joke singles out one 'race' of people....that being Arabs.

When the joke is made, we are not picturing a middle class Muslim from a western country, are we?

But I'm not surprised you fail to see the link Gos, been through this before with you....you are quite proud of your self indulgent, (some may call it racist) west-is-the-best attitude.


Cue Gosman's painfully predictive reply;

1- So since you said this...you mean this and this...

2- Do you know what those Muslims really do? blah blah blah.....meanwhile he won't mention other religious intolerance.

At 8/9/10 9:08 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Williamson is a 'has-been' who has 'never-been' embarrassment to his party. Key did a good job sending him out to the 'back blocks' of the party but obviously not far enough ... Retire Maurice - it's time to get off the public tit.

At 8/9/10 10:18 am, Anonymous Gosman said...

So you beliebe that because Islam defines a member of a particular ethnic group as all belonging to that Religion you think making jokes at it's expense is racist?


Surely it is the Muslims believing this perverted idea that are being Racist. No member of one ethnic group should EVER be defined by Religious afinity, (and before you ask, yes I do include members of the Jewish religion in that category).

But if you want to be apologists for a backward and intolerant belief system and try and claim that it can't be made fun of then by all means go ahead.

At 8/9/10 10:41 am, Anonymous Hungry Bear said...

Since Islam defines Arab people more than anything else, the joke singles out one 'race' of people....that being Arabs.

I think you will find there are a couple of hundred million Indonesians, Malaysians, Persians, Nigerians, Somalis etc etc etc who disagree with you. But I guess they all look the same to you huh?

By your half-wit logic making fun of Catholics would be showing racial intolerance of Italian people.

But I'm not surprised you again reinventing the meaning of racism fatty, been through this before with you....you are quite proud of your know-it-all, (some may call it utterly deluded) west-is-the-root-of-all-evil attitude.

At 8/9/10 11:44 am, Anonymous Gosman said...

@ Hungry Bear

Not only are there many more Muslims of a different ethnicity than Arab but there are MILLIONS of Arabs who are not Muslim. This just highlights the absurdity in Fatty's argument.

At 8/9/10 7:06 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

"Since Islam defines Arab people more than anything else, "

The biggest Islamic country in the world is Indonesia. Only racism here is coming from you, strangely enough. Dem Muzlems luk der sayme to u, eh bro?

At 9/9/10 1:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would he ask Oscar Kightley if his papers were in order?

What exactly is he implying?
I dont get it..
I'm a bit slow when it comes to jokes.
Could someone defending this guy please explain to me why this is funny.

At 9/9/10 2:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I like the idea of Fatty getting owned (again) I think he's right when he says that Islam defines Arabs as your assertion would be based on the utterence Arabs define Islam.

BTW its Malays not Malaysians who are muslim.

At 9/9/10 2:27 pm, Anonymous Gosman said...

Who here is defending Williamson's comment's to Oscar Kightley?

Do you need the jokes made at the expense of Islam explained to you as well or do you get those ones?

At 9/9/10 6:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Gosman.
I get the pun & wordplay of the Islam jokes, I just dont know what he infers when he asks a Kiwi about his "papers".

What papers?
Cigarette papers perhaps?

Whats he implying?
Please explain.
Be a sport.
Make me laugh.


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