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Friday, September 03, 2010

The Iraq war is over - mission accomplished (again) - ain't the West brave!

Obama: Time to turn the page in Iraq
LATEST: President Barack Obama declared an end to the seven-year US combat mission in Iraq on Tuesday and told war-weary Americans his central responsibility now is to restore the sagging US economy.

"Now, it is time to turn the page," Obama said in an Oval Office address, speaking from the same desk former President George W. Bush had used to declare the 2003 start of the war.

Obama, who inherited the war from Bush and is fighting another in Afghanistan, said he had fulfilled a 2008 campaign promise to end U.S. combat operations in Iraq and that "the Iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country."

Yay everyone, the Iraq war is over, what a massive fucking victory for the West, oh how we have let freedom and democracy reign down and put everything back to normal.

Except that it ain't back to normal, costing $1.2 Trillion with anywhere between 100 000 to over a million dead Iraqis and all for what? Weapons of mass destruction that never existed! Remember the National Party and ACT demanding we get in as support our allies by invading Iraq? Remember the complacent mainstream media that didn't challenge the lies used to invade Iraq? Remember how America built Saddam up to be the monster dictator he became so that he would attack Iran, a country where they had propped up another monster dictator only to be kicked out? Remember the largest protest marches the planet had seen when every day citizens who saw through the bullshit rose up and said 'NO WAR', remember how quiet those baying voices for war went after there was no weapons of mass destruction found? Remember how America fucked up the peace and turned Iraq into a sectarian killing field? Remember the puppet regimes and fake democracy used to pacify the global community? Remember the corporate big oil interests that initiated the war and have benefited from the spoils? Remember the billions that went missing? Remember Black Water mercenaries getting away with murder?

We won't forget them, and Obama can turn as many fucking pages as he likes but the blood spilled for this pointless war based on a pack of lies to enable American Corporate Imperialism to deal with a dictator the CIA built up into the monster he became will always soak through into history and only the contempt for the hypocrisy that is American 'democracy' will remain.


At 3/9/10 6:29 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

"enable American Corporate Imperialism to deal with a dictator the CIA built up into the monster he became will always soak through into history and only the contempt for the hypocrisy that is American 'democracy' will remain."

Ladies and gentlemen, the left wing!

At 3/9/10 7:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually Hussein's ruling instrument was socialist being called Arab Socialist party so you are right to call it a monster.

At 3/9/10 11:01 pm, Anonymous Armchair Warrior said...

So when the U.S supported Saddam they were wrong and then when they toppled the fucker they were also wrong?...actually the soviets and (hilariously given their aversion to the war)the French provided far more of Saddam's arsenal than the U.S ever did...

At 4/9/10 4:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The first rule of politics’ is that there are rules and they must be followed accordingly. As Rudyard Kipling wrote East is east and West is west and never the twain shall meet. It was the Stinger missiles from the C.I.A that drove the Russians and their gunship helicopters out of Afghanistan. If the next country to invade had heeded this lesson of their own making they may never have gone there either. Also their closest ally Britain invaded in 1839 as a gambit in what war poets called the great game or the 100 year pre cold war contest with the Russians for power and influence in Asia Minor. Three years later they made a hasty retreat and were cut to pieces on the road out of Kabul. Promised safe passage they were in turn massacred. This remains one of the saddest military defeats in their history. The Soviet’s occupied to prop up communism and bombed the place back into the Stone Age. Afghanistan remains one of the five least developed countries in the world. They then pulled out and left them to fend for themselves against the Taliban.
When George W Bush sent US forces to Afghanistan, he was effectively sending them back in time, to the middle Ages. This mismatch doomed them all to be defeated.
The longer a conflict or conflagration lasts the more people and countries get tied up in it. No one is in ultimate control.
Gaddafi today is a partner of B.P. All this after Reagan killed some close members of his family with a stealth bomber. Turning down a request for training their troops added an extra year up to five years instead of 2-4 withdrawal dates. Then we should not be in any hurry to get out of Afghanistan today, as Paul Buchanan mentions in the Listener and Dominion Post we should not have eschewed our closest allies requests for 50 more ANZAC troops to train Afghan forces in Oruzgan. Now 3 diggers have been killed without us risking our necks beside our mates, 21 in total and 10 since June. August 2, 1990, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, igniting the possibility of war in the Persian Gulf. This area has long been a tinderbox, and I could see the world was about to be swept up into war. President George H.W.Bush was already trying to limit the conflict and avoided a war which would have swept the whole Arab and Muslim world up into arms by not going onto Baghdad. President Bush somehow knew through gut instinct or plain know how that it was not just seen as an attack on Iraq alone, but for Muslims religion is of a higher order than the nation state, and if Iraq was finished off altogether the Arab world would join together in opposition to the Christian world

At 6/9/10 4:33 am, Blogger Mr. Bear's Shadow said...

Well said Bomber. Kia kaha.


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