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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The impact of bloggers on the NZ mainstream media

Fascinating piece on Radio NZ's mediawatch this morning on the impact of bloggers on the mainstream NZ media.

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At 26/9/10 12:43 pm, Anonymous Whaleoil said...

So the truth of the Jim Anderton story comes clear...started by Felix Marwick...not by Whaleoil

At 27/9/10 6:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wellingtonians know that the "seismic gun" is still "locked and loaded" and that is why the "fattest man in new zealand" is not welcome in an auckland magazine.Try this fatty, a real writer; "On a plane I watched Polanski's new film, the ghost writer.Its been suggested that his re-arrest was just spiteful revenge for this film, and about a figure like Tony Blair the ex pm charged with war crimes over the invasion of Iraq.

At 27/9/10 6:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 27/9/10 6:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Down in the hood

man's gotta go

man's gotta blow

dis us and da missus

man i gotta know

which way ta go

gonna kill a tagga

go to da slamma

which way ta go

man i gotta know

which way ta blow

hangin wif an uzi

gettin pretty choosey

forget kerre woodham

new book's an bubbles madam

wendyl f*&^en nissen

wot da fuck am i missin

deborah hill cone

kill birds wif a stone

all the little ladies

playin wif der babies


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