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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hone Harawira & David Garrett to form new political party

Hone Harawira and David Garrett are about to launch their own political party called Me First. Isolated by the Maori and ACT Caucus, they have joined forces to provide a voice for NZers who are confused about their identity with a controversial, ‘3 whites and you're out’ policy where if either of them date a pakeha 3 times they get banned from the lower Marea at Waitangi.

Hone will focus on foreshore and seabed legislation while David will focus on retaining his lawyers registration. Hone will be the Maori spokesperson while David will wear multiple hats assuming many different roles from Cemetery law and order issues to Tongan Tourism advocate.

Me First’s employment policy will see David building prisons and then personally filling them while Hone’s race relations policy will set strict 9pm curfew restrictions on all mixed race dating because no one can ever trust the honky cracker white mofo.

Ebony and Ivory was supposed to be the theme song for Me First, but Hone complained about Ebony having to go first like a slave opening the door for Ivory while David commented around the water cooler that Ivory just wanted to be in Ebony.


At 22/9/10 4:45 pm, Anonymous anfield1973 said...

mr carter to corner the pink vote


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