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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gutting the Supercity

The speed with which Rodney Hide and Steven 'Hollow Brain' Joyce annexed Auckland, ramming the changes through under a misuse of urgency and appointing CCO's without the consultation promised so that the mass privatization of Auckland's assets can begin was never going to be fun, but who could have predicted that it would cost as both arms and legs while gutting 1200 staff in a 6.8% unemployment market...

$40 million in super city redundancy payouts, says Labour
The Auckland Transition Agency estimates redundancy payouts resulting from the Auckland super city merger to cost up to $20 million but Labour estimates it could cost $40m.

What will happen if the National Party candidate John Banks wins is anyones guess, but if Aucklanders can rise up and reject the manner in which the right wing have carved up our beloved city, the track to fighting 2011 and winning back the essential left wing support in Auckland that simply didn't vote in 2008 making it one of the lowest turn outs on record will be back on track.

Vote now.


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