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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guest post on true Leftists, ethnic tension and comments policy

what a mob of gutless little white supremacist pseudo lefty self promoting egotistical shits the Tumekei pair are.

You will happily flick thru any unsigned piece of capitalist claptrap from some scunthorpian sleazebag occupying howick or browns bay which slanders NZ's first people, but should someone question the eternal recolonisation of our country by parasitical poms then you censor it as too controversial. Is that your base audience? english pseudo lefties happily trampling over local kiwis now life has become cushy enough in NZ for the white trash to consider actually travelling further than the number 10 bus line will take them.

These selfish shits have no idea of life in this country, they take jobs from kiwis that not only are they not properly qualified for they have an inability to empathise with the local population which suits the tight fisted assholes in wellington because programs are left uncompleted, but this does nothing for kiwis.

How many examples do you want of young kiwi graduates getting gazumped for jobs by middle aged pommie no hopers who will work for less because they don't have a loan, they bought their first house in england under a 1st home buyers scheme and made enough to get something much better in NZ without having to take on a large mortgage. I have a class full of recent IT graduates getting trumped at every turn for entry level jobs by these useless fleas.

Try applying for a job at the moment and you'll see the process has almost completely been handed over to englanders or even worse jaapies, who inhabit all the public contact positions in councils, government departments, broadcasting organisations, large corporates and even the recruiting agencies. The pom they let into defence science was recruited by another pom who has since shot through to oz.

NZ is losing its character to these racist (sit in a corner of the office quietly when they are all gossiping about back 'ome trying to sell their other house or whatever and you'll hear the "Its not the same since they let those people in" talk they often hide from non poms) & uncaring pricks. My daughter is a mess as a result of two english health workers (an alleged Doctor and a 'nurse') who introduced themselves to each other in front of us when we took her in to hospital in agony and they wasted 4 days running the same tests over and over again when blind freddie could see that was not the problem. They didn't want to get into trouble for wasting money or disturbing the specialist at home.
This is the low grade shit we are replacing kiwis with. Until NZ faces up to the problems it is creating by letting so many uncaring uninterested and greedy low lifes in to our country we are stuffed. We all know why the pols won't deal with this. This refuse from england and south africa is keeping house prices higher than it otherwise would. In order to keep the middle aged middle classes who own at least two properties off their backs they are driving our kids away and replacing them with dross.

The test is simple. If they were any good why did they have to leave back 'ome? They talk about it so much they obviously would prefer to be there, yet here they are.
We had enough problems from the previous generation of ten pound migrants who squatted in state houses complaining if a pacific or maori family was moved next door, then as soon as they bought and sold their house for a profit began voting for the withdrawal of services which had given them their hand up. Is that the bomber martin story? children of englanders so don't/won't see the damage that eternal recolonisation wreaks upon our society.

Martin and bomber don't want to lose their roles as self appointed spokes people for the left and since over half of tvnz staff are english born and prolly a similar number at TV3 they step around NZ's festering sore so as to keep the chance of getting a full 15 minutes high. Probably better this way keeping a lid on this will ensure the pressure builds and all hell breaks loose. I can see it now cardigan wearing, shiny bottomed, snaggle toothed morons, dribbling on about the return of 'jonny' wilkinson fleeing from hundreds of enraged unemployed young kiwis who have had their own crystal night by taking over every local government office in the country and hurling the last remnants of "maggies army' out into the street.

you egoists censor worse than the herald and that is truly saying something

Ure Kismet (by email)
[Of all the hating and misrepresentation in that rant the most offensive is the inference that I am a leftist. Mr Bradbury is a leftist, I am not despite what the right-wing bloggers might say. As regards the comments policy: I'm not going to pretend that our moderation attempts have resulted in a stream of high quality discourse on the topics we raise - quite the contrary. I personally don't give a fuck what you munters type in as long as it isn't trolling. Sometimes it is a line call, but honestly sometimes it is like you are the blogging version of Don Music, bashing your head against the keyboard for all the sense you make - the majority of it is shit dribble unworthy of being read. But there has to be some standards - and if this is confused with censorship then it is because some commenters are little more than shit dribbling munters who can barely understand how to tie their own shoelaces let alone appreciate a comments policy. As a rough guide if you are not addressing the issue in the post, if you are making personal and derogatory remarks about the post authors or other commenters - or just generally being offensive and making unfounded and inflammatory accusations - then your shit dribble will be bunged. —TS.]


At 11/9/10 8:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the part about middle aged South African and Pom immigrants willing to work here for fuck all (and displace NZ graduates) is pretty true.

At 11/9/10 10:35 pm, Blogger Barnsley Bill said...

Takes a lot to offend me usually, that did it though.
A more hateful racist rant would be hard to find outside of a harewira family lunch.

At 11/9/10 11:13 pm, Blogger dave said...

Yes I agree its offensive that you should be mistaken for a leftie. I would be too but for the reason that the left in this country is a fake.
But the main point he makes is anti-pom. Or rather kith and kin. That's always been NZ's fate as a white settler country full of rent seekers. Today NZ is flooded by petty bourgeois without reference to skin color. Left right and centre petty bourgeois. We are a rainbow pavlova paradise of social climbers climbing over and trampling the bodies of those who don't make it. That's what is digusting about this country.

At 12/9/10 8:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and Bomber do a fantastic job. Don't let anyone accuse you of anything other than being freedom fighters. Keep up the good work and one day we will get our country back!!!

At 12/9/10 12:39 pm, Anonymous Pim said...

Ure is not racist just a bigoted nationalist. Bigots are funny. I can see his side on imported skills & that it forces Kiwis to compete with that & that kiwi culture relapses to a colonial one.

An immigrant myself, I don't feel a need to set any record straight for fellow country man Abel Tasman! & If I've done any socio-economic climbing it's been downwards to a stage that I now want to contribute to my adopted home country again. I came here because I Liked NZ. I still do and I enjoy cultural enrichment, but it is not for everyone, i guess...

At 12/9/10 8:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You and Bomber do a fantastic job. Don't let anyone accuse you of anything other than being freedom fighters. Keep up the good work and one day we will get our country back!!!"

This satire on tumeke is getting better and better!


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