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Monday, September 06, 2010

Government Minister says we are racist over Crafar Farms

Concern over Minister and Crafar farm sale
Opponents of a planned sale of 16 dairy farms to a Chinese company are calling for Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson to stand aside from deciding the bid after he said concerns about foreign ownership were often driven by racism.

Greens co-leader Russel Norman said Mr Williamson's comments suggested he had already made up his mind on whether he would allow the sale of the Crafar Farms to Natural Dairy to proceed if it was signed off by the Overseas Investment Office.

He said Mr Williamson should play no part in determining the sale, and advised that any decision in favour of the Natural Dairy bid could now be subjected to judicial review if he was involved.

"He clearly doesn't have an open mind about it. He's decided that those who are opposed to foreign investment are racists. It wouldn't matter so much if he wasn't the decision-maker," Dr Norman said.

Is Bill Ralston writing Williamson's press releases now? So Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson says we are all racist for having concerns about Natural Dairy NZ buying the Crafar farms. Racist? Really? It has nothing to do with the $200 000 donation to the National Party by Natural Dairy NZ, oh no, it's because we are racist. It has nothing to do with the fact China offers 0% interest loans to buy up NZ land or that they won't allow forigners to purcahse land in their country, oh no. It's because we are all racist. It has nothing to do with Beijing via Natural Dairy NZ funding a new political party to run in the next election, oh no. It's us being racist. It has nothing to do with the murky financial scandals involving the Chinese financiers backing the Crafar take over. Oh no. It's us being racist.

The real joke here is that this clown Williamson is in charge of allowing Natural Dairy NZ to buy up the Crafar farms, and let's not forget a lawyer advising the Government how to make it easier to sell assets overseas was working for the Chinese company wanting to buy the Crafar farms!

I just don't think China should be able to buy NZ as cheaply as they have bought the National Party.


At 6/9/10 12:09 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Wayne - we have disagreed on on many things on this site and have always kept things civil, but that last post was vile and utterly abusive, it's something I expect from Johnson who posts up torture and suicide fantasies of me, if you would like to remove the abuse, feel free to repost. You do your argument no favours by stooping to that level of personal abuse, check with Bill Ralston next time before you post so you understand what is the culturally appropriate way to spin things in a democracy.


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