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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garth McVicar now says that David Garrett deserves a second chance, no one else mind you, they can all rot in NZ's massive prison system

Act MP Garrett admits creating false identity
Mr McVicar said the ideal opportunity for Mr Garrett to have disclosed the incidents was his opening address to Parliament following the 2008 election.

"That would have killed it right there and then rather than all this carry on now trying to justify it. He can't justify it."

Mr Garrett had "a big battle ahead of him" to regain credibility as Act's law and order spokesman, he said.

Nevertheless, he believed Mr Garrett deserved a second chance.

WTF? Garth McVicar now says that David Garrett deserves a second chance, no one else mind you, they can all rot in NZ's massive prison system, but his mate David deserves a second chance???

The Sensible Sentencing Lynch mob (who may or may not be taking money from the private prison industry, we don't know because SST refuse to release their donation details despite numerous Official Information requests) have done more than any other group in NZ to inject hate into social policy by screaming for harder and longer sentences, yet when it came to McVicar's mate, oh he can't bend over fast enough to hand out second chances, that's utterly hypercritical.

Of course individuals can work at redemption, but this isn't a discussion about redemption, this is about making excuses for McVicar's political mate when McVicar's works so tirelessly to deny that second chance to anyone else, indeed taking this into account with the Bruce Emery case where McVicar couldn't be understanding enough for a man who chased a teen down and stabbed him to death it seems the Sensible Sentencing Trust is really about extending mercy only to other white men.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is now a hypercritical joke looking for a punchline and while their work for victims rights is admirable, their influence over harsher and longer sentences must start being revoked from our social policy.

Sensible Sentencing Trust want one rule for the people they culturally identify with, but another rule for those they don't identify with - that isn't justice, that's a lynch mob.


At 16/9/10 6:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I absolutley agree with Garth McVicar.

At 20/9/10 12:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Garth McVicar has lost a considerable chunk of credibility (in my view)in that he supported a thief and defrauder. I applaud the work SST have done in raising the issue of victim's rights (or rather, the lack thereof). However, Garth is manifesting an obvious double standard when he is prepared to advocate for a colleague who made a mistake in a "past life" considering the SST so vehemently opposes "mercy" (second chances) and "name suppression". Facets which David Garrett exploited to further his political aspirations.


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