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Friday, September 24, 2010

Fonterra continue to destroy rainforests to feed their bloody cows

Fonterra implicated in rainforest destruction - again
For the last five days a small Greenpeace team including New Zealander Suzette Jackson has been dodging security patrols, battling the heat and surviving harsh traveling conditions to reach a remote region of Indonesia to document a climate crime which is being supported by New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra.

While documenting the clearance of rainforests in the area they were arrested by Indonesian police and taken into custody. Much of their footage was confiscated and they were questioned for several hours before being released.

Once again Fonterra has been caught out lying about their role in the destruction of rainforests and such lies must be punished by direct action against Fonterra. To feed our herds off the destruction of rainforest is immoral and just ANOTHER example of the power the Dairy Industry are allowed in this country.

In Australia the mining industry can stage coups when anyone threaten their wealth, in this country it is the Dairy Industry who have this power and it must be challenged, luckily Greenpeace are the ones to challenge and challenge they did by attacking Fonterra's HQ yesterday...

As the greedy continue to destroy the environment, people will continue to resist and the authorities will start to define that resistance as 'eco-terrorism' to gain new powers like the draconian search and surveillance powers this Government is trying to ram through, looks like we followed the FBI's lead...

Greenpeace FBI target
The FBI improperly opened investigations into Greenpeace and animal rights and anti-war groups after the September 11, 2001, attacks, the United States Government has admitted.

A Justice Department review found FBI agents also put names of some Greenpeace members on terrorist watch lists on "factually weak" evidence.

The review concluded that the FBI did not deliberately target the groups, as many civil liberties advocates charged.

Groups investigated included People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and anti-war groups the Catholic Worker and the Thomas Merton Centre in Pittsburgh.

Direct action against the Dairy Industry is now needed. They are stealing our water, they are destroying our clean green brand and they have the power to edit entire chapters (chapter 13) out of our 10 yearly environmental reports that criticize their environmental destruction of our country.

No matter how many expensive adverts they run on the telly, the Dairy Industry can not hide the more unpleasant truths about their industry. We should be world leaders in sustainable farming, not this nasty cheap polluting version.

If you were angry about mining on conservation land, you should be angry about the power the Dairy Industry have been given to ride rough shot over our collective environmental concerns.


At 24/9/10 8:05 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, those Tatua and Open Coumtry Cheese suppliers do no damage to the rain forest by feeding their herds palm kernel.


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