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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elements of his success

So, the Japanese authorities turn over a captain of a ship they say rammed their coast guard vessel in Japanese waters after two weeks.

But the Japanese authorities detain and imprison a captain of another ship for trying to thwart a Japanese whaler in the Southern Ocean - and that takes five months.

That's the stark difference between having and not having the skipper's own home government fighting for their rights. That and a bit of mineral leverage...Even without the threat of trade retaliation there was no excuse for Murray McCully, MFAT and the NZ government not to support Pete Bethune during his ordeal by putting diplomatic pressure on Japan. China knows how to play hard ball - NZ hasn't got any balls at all. No spine and no honour. These gutless Tories in charge right now are little more than feckless, contemptible arseholes and no country is going to respect us while they are running the show.


At 25/9/10 12:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"NZ hasn't got any balls at all. No spine and no honour. "

True. Bethune threw acid in the face of Japanese sailors and calls it a heroic act. Where is the honor in that?

At 25/9/10 5:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you deluded or what?

China can play hardball, given its size. China can simply fuck up Japan more than Japan can fuck up China. And the Japanese know it.

But New Zealand simply cannot do anything to hurt Japan, without getting fucked over much worse. Japan is NZs second or third largest trading partner? But I'm sure we are not one of their top trading partners - in fact googled it - we are not even among their top 15 trading partners.

Another important aspect of course is the history between the two nations. Given the history of Japanese imperialist aggression against China, China just simply had to play hardball to assuage public anger.

Whereas New Zealand has never been invaded and humiliated by Japan. Yes, the two fought an imperialist war against each other, but that is something quite different (Japan was fighting to retain her colonies, and New Zealand was fighting for white countries such as France and Britain to retain theirs).

Many people in NZ, in fact probably a majority, thought Bethune's actions stupid and the guy a dickhead. Most could not have given a stuff about his fate. New Zealand taking a hardball approach would have lacked substantial public backing - certainly if it would have put the economy at risk over a knobend like Bethune.

So Tim - what do you suggest the NZ government should have done regarding Bethune?

Please be specific now.

At 26/9/10 1:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

japan's a protectorate of the US of A as is Taiwan. If anybody fucks with them then Big Daddy will crush them.

China has a pissant army of peasants whose only offensive capability is to launch DOS attacks on the gmail account of fulan gong activists.

The PLA has no real naval or air power worth speaking of and if they tried to move on Taiwan they will be bitchslapped.

At 26/9/10 11:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The PLA has no real naval or air power worth speaking of and if they tried to move on Taiwan they will be bitchslapped.

There will not be the need to make a military move. Most Taiwanese identify themselves as Chinese, as does the current Taiwanese government under Ma jingeou. They do, after all, call themselves the 'Republic of China'.

Relations have improved greatly these past few years, and Taiwan is getting more and more tightly integrated into the mainland. Taiwanese are streaming into the mainland for business, tourism, and marriage. Reunification will not take place soon, but is inevitable.

The standoff between Taiwan and mainland China is not one of national identity. It is simply a political standoff over who should rule all of China. The PRC shows that Taiwan is a province of China, and Taiwanese maps also show themselves to be a province of a China which is even greater in territorial extent than the mainland Chinese maps (it includes not only Tibet, of course, but also all of Mongol

This is the Peoples Republic of China map:

This is the Republic of China (Taiwan) map of what they consider to be China:

Which one is bigger?

The Taiwanese still claim they are the rightful rulers of all of China, and that the Chinese in China are actually citizens of Taiwan (Republic of China).

So you see Taiwan really is a part of China - contrary to all the spin the Western media puts on it, to the point where dumb white fucks think that Taiwan is somehow a separate country from China.

This of course is to try and paint China as an aggressive nation bent on territorial aggrandizement.

At 26/9/10 12:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So why does the US routinely ship hi-tech weapons to Taiwan then?

Why does Taiwan spend billions of dollars on such weapons?

Why would the US Pacific Command's Oplan 5077-04 purpose be to help China defend itself against itself?

The facts on the ground don't accord with whatever you hold to be reality.

Taiwan is a rich thriving democracy and while China is a country where they execute political dissidents and sell their body parts for money.

At 26/9/10 1:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


East and West Germany were both part of an entity called 'Germany'.

So are North Korea and South Korea part of 'Korea'.

And Taiwan (the so called Republic of China) and mainland China (the Peoples Republic of China) are similarly, of course both part of the Chinese nation.

Get it?

The facts I presented accord exactly with reality. If the Chinese in the PRC consider Taiwan to be a part of China (obviously), and the Taiwanese themselves claim to be part of China, in fact not only claim to be a part of China, but claim to be the actual legitimate ruler of all of China, well - then Taiwan must be part of China.

There is a dispute within the family over who should lead the household. That's all. That dispute of course is fanned along by the US and other western meddlers.

Anonymous has just been sucked in by the deliberate distortions put out by the Western media.

And tell me Mr Anonymous:
Can you please provide sources which confirm that China executes political dissidents?

I suggest you don't rely on just the NZ Herald in forming your political outlook.


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