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Friday, September 03, 2010

Dirty Coal prints all over Bill English and Farming Industry

State-owned miner defends lignite proposals
Solid Energy says coal briquette and synthetic crude pilot plants planned for completion by mid-2012 would cost about $10-$20 million each. The state-owned coal miner has defended the environmental case for taking the lignite – a fuel with characteristics somewhere between coal and peat – from under farmland in Southland and converting it into forms of fuel.

Let's see, lignite is the dirty filthy hick cousin of coal, it's as healthy for the environment as cancer is for your lungs. Here we have a State Power Company flying in the face of global warming caused by man made pollution (and opening themselves to a serious of protests) and whose electorate is this lignite plant being built in? Why it's Bill English and isn't Bill English's brother also the CEO of Federated Farmers who want this dirty fuel to cheaply power their industry?

Bill English and his Federated Farmer brothers dirty coal prints are all over this disgusting little environmental vandalism, it's time for some serious focus on their role in allowing such a degradation of our environment for their farmer mates and electorate pork barrel.


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