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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crusher Collins unbelievable hypocrisy David Garrett-esk

Minister warns about fleeing police
Police Minister Judith Collins has spoken out about the dangers of fleeing from police, after the two people were killed following a police chase in Onehunga last night.

Two people died and two others were injured when a car crashed shortly after police abandoned pursuit in the Auckland suburb of Onehunga last night.

The driver fled after the crash, but later surrendered to police.

Speaking at an event in Papakura to launch a Counties Manukau neighbourhood policing initiative, Mrs Collins said there was a reason why people should stop when asked to by police.

''The message has to be that it's just not worth it to run.

''Innocent people get killed, police get killed, drivers get killed.

''It's a safety issue and when people choose not to stop they put themselves and other people at risk,'' Mrs Collins said.

I'm sorry, what did this sanctimonious politician just say? What did she dare to have the hypocrisy of saying? 'It's not worth it to run'??? This is a women who went down to a car crushing place to be filmed crushing cars, who has reveled in her hard line bullshit the way Garrett has and now as the ramifications of her hardline starts becoming apparent, she's all of a sudden Miss 'it's not worth it to run'???

This is the politician who claimed our second highest incarceration level in the Western world has NOTHING to do with her raw meat medieval law and order policy she has passed, it has nothing to do with private prisons or playing to rednecks, oh no, our second highest incarceration rate in the western world is because we have Maoris. NOTHING to do with her policy, it's all dem Maori's. Don't blame it on the rednecks, don't blame it on the private prisons, don't blame it on the 3 strikes - blame it on the Maori's.

Crusher Collins has the exact same blindspot as to her own culpability towards incarceration as she does towards young people panicking and racing off when chased.

If the cops were firing wildly at fleeing crims and killing innocent passerbys at the rate they kill innocent people during car chases, there would be an inquiry – but because it’s boy racers, we can’t excuse Police fast enough in their latest chase inspired road deaths.

Crusher Collins crocodile tears over another pointless death caused by her hardline chase the boyracer populist bullshit can be solved if we reviewed the policy to chase, it won't be solved by her spin Dr's desperately trying to soften crusher Collins up.

As the brilliant Candor Trust points out...

Candor Trust: Revoke New Police Chase "Licence"
Candor Trust say the IPCA report into the Police chase death of Pehi Tahana does not go far enough. It criticises the judgements pursuing Officers made, but fails to criticise new systems giving Police too much discretion. Which resulted in chases increasing by 400% since 2003 with huge harm spikes as the sequelae.

It is insane for the Police Association to claim given present chase frequency that NZ has restrictive policy, and certifiable to say that any more restrictions would cramp Polices style and create more runners. Overseas experience shows this to be a myth of the "great lie" fear promoting type.

Pehi would not have died if he lived in Toronto, parts of Australia or many other places with less racist policy where chases are avoided not courted. But as a young Maori he had 4x the risk of being a Police chase casualty than any other Kiwi (MoT evading enforcement statistics).


At 19/9/10 10:23 am, Anonymous Timo said...

lol is that candor site serious or a mock up p/t? Seriously claiming it is a 'racist' pursuit policy, excuse me..haahahahhahaahah

At 19/9/10 11:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) 2003 Labour was in power was it not? Then this has nothing to do with National law and order policy, rather Governmental policy.

2) The driver of the car is the killer, not the police.

Just like the girl wearing the miniskirt is not to blame, it's the guy that raped her.

3) Simple cut and paste please where Collins says these deaths are caused by Maori?

You have stated this plenty times, surely you can back up your statement.

At 19/9/10 11:26 am, Blogger IndiePixie said...

I have to comment and say, that that police chase nearly cost me my life. As an abitrary choice of direction, I happened to be driving in Onehunga at the same moment as that police chase with my son in the car. Had I turned right and not left, I would have found myself on the roundabout at the moment that car came hurtling up and smashed into it. Putting this into context, a police chase would have cost a civillian driver and her 9 year old child the end of their existence as they knew it, because they were out getting pizza. THATS not worth it.

At 19/9/10 11:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but what you just wrote is bullshit. You claim it is the police killing these fuck wits??! Just stop= and no one gets hurt. You cannot explain the reason people run as "they don't want their car impounded". There is no way this is a police issue; it is stupid, law breaking drivers that cause these tragedies. But then ofcourse, if you had your way the police would activate lights and sirens, the other car would speed away and police would just pull out. How you think that fucking upholds the rule of law I have no idea. Interestingly you leave out the trial from South Australia in which police were not allowed to pursue. Result was the number of drivers who failed to stop went through the roof. But that study doesn't fit with your bullshit story. No wonder the popularity of this site is shite.

At 19/9/10 1:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi New Zealand

Just helping you interpert the police lingo, for all of you who are unaware, the statement 'called off the chase shortly before they crashed' actually stands for 'called off the crash after they had plowed into a powerpole to absolve themselves of any giult'

The rights or wrongs of this case dont concern me but I needed to make you aware of how to interpert police lingo.

At 19/9/10 1:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The logic of this post is bullshit. Of course its never the fault of those fleeing police who cause death and maiming, its the police themselves in enforcing the law.

I guess Bombers great idea would be for the police to stop enforcing them and obviously this would save our problems.

Now there is a tui moment.

As irritating as the logic of this post is it comforts me to know that the vast majority of us believe the police are right and that your opinion is marginal to the extreme.

At 19/9/10 1:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job about those fuckers getting killed. There was a reason the cops chased them. That is because they were driving like fucken maniacs at the time.

Bomber. You make me sick. You mourn over these fuckwits who could have killed my wife, my mother, my daughter, or any other innocent member of the public, yet I did not hear a pipsqueak out of you when that innocent elderly Christchurch couple were literally murdered a few weeks ago, by another wildly irresponsible selfish boy racer type.

I mourn for the innocent victims of others irresponsibility and criminality.

You mourn for the criminals.

The main reason I celebrate is not out of hatred or schadenfreude. It is out of relief that these fucken turds will never again put the lives of innocent citizens, including my own family members, at risk again.

Kindness for evildoers equals hatred against the decent majority.

At 19/9/10 4:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Young people do stupid things. You cannot get police out to a home burglary but they put our lives at risk for nonsense like a stolen Toyota Starlet worth $350 if you are lucky, on the motorway. Part of the reason is that most police are young and stupid themselves.

Do we have any recourse here Bomber? Would be interested in donating to a legal fund to try and take police to court or something similar. Maybe you could advise - no doubt you have legal contacts.

At 19/9/10 5:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber this is no different then your post of last week when you cricised the courts for taking too much consideration of the victims when sending some people attempted to rob a dairy back to the jail after they had just been released. The vast majority of people realise that fleeing the police is stupid (and you never seem to criticise criminals) so what I want to know is what you think the police should do? just ignore all wrong doing?

At 19/9/10 5:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wayne Im glad you think that boy racers are fuckwits! A good percentage of them are asian riding around on daddys money, thats great you agree!

At 19/9/10 6:35 pm, Anonymous Sarah said...

Take them to court for what exactly you idiot? And your calling the cops dumb, oh dear Ruthykins go back to your boston legal fantasy, this is real talk for adults.

Maybe it would be better if cops just didn't bother responding to any report of crime involving a vehicle. After all there is always the chance that they might spook the crooks like in this case and they will take off.

Increase the penalties for those who run, decrease the penalties for those with illegal vehicles who don't run. Outlawing pursuits will just encourage more idiots to take off knowing that if they drive fast and dangerously enough the cops won't follow, hence creating more danger.

At 19/9/10 8:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Bomber can you find any stats for actual police accidents, i hear it is high, i saw a cop car doing i estimate 120km/h in a 50km/h zone the other day, it was not pursuing a vehicle but what it was doing was putting everyone around it in extreme danger!

At 19/9/10 9:16 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

Isn't the solution obvious ? ,,where are they running to anyway ? Are they gonna cross the state line and get away???? ...both police and the "offender" are in some pissy little town at the bottom of the world ..there is NOWHERE to run to. So just take their rego and call them in the morning, and stop all the police chase bullshit.

At 19/9/10 11:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaha! ruth you are a fucking moron!! hahahahaha brilliant!

At 20/9/10 12:54 pm, Anonymous Sarah said...

Yeh Grant thats a great solution, wonder why the Police haven't thought of it.

Of course it does rely on the fact that - cars don't get stolen, cars are registered, cars are carrying the correct plates, the registered owner will co-operate with the cops, the car won't get dumped and then 'reported' stolen by the owner and of course if the driver was drunk what good is breath testing him 12 hours after the fact?

Genius, might want to hook up with Ruthykins who just invents her own laws.

If there was a viable alternative to pursuits then by all means that should be the option, but there isn't.

At 20/9/10 1:43 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

GRIN - Well what this post has helped show is how David Garrett got selected, people like you. Screaming, howling, gnashing of the teeth people like you.

I love how NONE of you even question the chase policy, the results of which has been criticised time and time and time again by the IPCA.

Allowing ill trained cops chase people for ill defined reasons doesn't concern any one of you Garrett lovers does it? It's all, 'bomber you love the crim s, Bomber you want the crimes to get away' Bomber you want to marry a crim and have crim babies'. The simplicity of your ignorance is breath taking and beneath contempt. Your inability to even question the Police Chase policy shows what a bunch of little pro Police David Garrett hardline cheerleaders you are. There ARE alternatives to the hardline chase, em, chase em - CRASH dead people policy you all rush to defend (these alternatives were brilliantly highlighted by Kim Hill on Radio NZ when she interviewed an American Police Officer who researched Police Chases with a view to modify, but you lot strike me as Leighton Smith listeners rather than Radio NZ listeners).

As for the one point that was valid from above, yes Labour introduced this crap, I've always said Labour were weak to manage rednecks rather than challenge them, but 'crusher' collins has not only picked up where Labour left off, she has done all she can to look harsh with harsher laws and now as the realities of Police chases killing more and more and more people are born out, she wants to do her little crocodile tears routine?

Like I said, if cops were just firing shots randomly while chasing suspects and started killing people there would be an out cry, but because its 'boyracers' the Police manage to escape any criticism for a policy that continues to kill.

At 20/9/10 3:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The man has a point...

At 20/9/10 4:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The police are a protected species - no one can criticise them without being vilified. As this thread attests.

At 21/9/10 7:05 am, Blogger Bomber said...

It arouses me deeply that as the full horror story of the Police revenue gathering polices point out the death rate from Police chases is immoral, that so many of my baying friends from the right wing are shutting the fuck up now.


Not so fucking mouthy and supportive of the Police now are you clowns?

It is time for a royal inquiry to force the Police to change their chase culture and stop killing NZers on the road for petty revenue gathering.

Oh and how dare Crusher Collins weep her crocodile tears!

At 21/9/10 9:48 pm, Anonymous fatty said...

Somebody had to do it......


"...You make me sick. You mourn over these fuckwits who could have killed my wife, my mother, my daughter, or any other innocent member of the public, yet I did not hear a pipsqueak out of you when that innocent elderly Christchurch couple were literally murdered a few weeks ago, by another wildly irresponsible selfish boy racer type."

Nice example Wayne....do you care to link that event to police chases, or did you just put in a shock story because it involved cars, and we are talking about cars

"I mourn for the innocent victims of others irresponsibility and criminality."

As do we all.

"You mourn for the criminals."

Sorry....another point that lacks any link....if you are suggesting that all police chases end with the good guys catching the bad guys, and no innocent bystanders are involved, then we would be all for mad car chases around our cities.

"The main reason I celebrate is not out of hatred or schadenfreude. It is out of relief that these fucken turds will never again put the lives of innocent citizens, including my own family members, at risk again."

So your family is immune from a cop car colliding with their car during a high risk, high speed police chase....lucky you, mine are not, neither is my bike.
And how will a mad hollywood style cop chase ensure they will "never again put the lives of innocent citizens at risk?" At best they will be put in prison for 5-10 years, then what....will innocent citizens and your family not exist in 10 years?

"Kindness for evildoers equals hatred against the decent majority."

This is my favorite, not even Fox news could come up with a statement like that, that's pure genius, you've used the words 'evildoers', 'hatred', 'decent' and 'majority' all within 9 words, all or which are irrelevant....please post again.


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