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Monday, September 27, 2010

Citizen A - ONLINE NOW!

THIS WEEK: Political commentator and blogger Chris Trotter and C&R candidate Claudette Hauiti

John Key blames ACT on MMP

Who will win the Auckland Super City race - Labour or National? Has Government spin on GST and legal drink driving worked?

Citizen A plays on screen 7pm Thursday on Triangle and 8pm Sunday Sky 89 & Freeview 21
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At 27/9/10 11:00 am, Blogger robertguyton said...

How you could sit there po-faced while Claudette chattered stridently over the top of Trotter I'll never know Bomber!
She was shrill, rude and wrong!
It's a trifecta!

At 27/9/10 2:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

robertguyton: I thought Bomber just let her have the rope while she hung herself, bro. If she wants to look and sound like a shrill, Randian harpie on TV then so be it.

At 27/9/10 4:57 pm, Blogger robertguyton said...

Seems you are right anon - she took a fair hank of it though and tried my patience.
Curiously, I was reminded of the way Key talked over Helen Clark in the Leaders debates way back when.. is it a Tory thang?


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