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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Citizen A - 7pm tonight

Citizen A - 7pm tonight Triangle TV, replayed 8pm Sunday Sky 89 & Freeview 21

Tune in to join Bomber and his revolving panel of bloggers and Auckland opinion shapers as they offer an up-to-date half hour review of the political media issues of the current week from a very Auckland perspective.

THIS WEEK: Editor of Scoop, Selwyn Manning & Blogger Cam Slater

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At 30/9/10 8:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would seriously watch this if you would stop bringing on Cameron Slater.

At 30/9/10 8:54 am, Blogger Bomber said...

GRIN - Now now. Look, Citizen A is funded by NZ on Air and my deep and passionate belief in public broadcasting dictates that different opinions get a platform on the show to discuss the weeks events. I get to say what I want to say on the war on news, but Citizen A is a show that allows other voices to argue issues of the day with bloggers and opinion shapers.

I think that Public Broadcasting has to have a range of views expressed, I believe that is it's function and I think Citizen A holds its own against any other TV show debating issues at only a fraction of the cost and it certainly doesn't put me to sleep in the way Media 7 does.

While I don't think I've ever agreed with anything Cameron has blogged or said, as a right wing blogger he has every right to be on the show.

At 30/9/10 1:41 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

He reminds me of something scrapped off the bottom of a shoe. Vaguely interesting but genuinely repulsive.


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