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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can we trust Momentum Consulting appointments to the Super City?

Wilce agency endorsed unqualified accountant
The company that recruited Stephen Wilce - who is accused of embellishing his CV - also put forward an accountant who not only lacked qualifications, but also ripped off the Wellington organisation who hired her.

Okay, this has become a farce now folks. Should Momentum Consulting have anything to do with appointing staff to the Super City?

We know that the annexation of Auckland was rammed through under a misuse of urgency with zero oversight and public consultation by the hard right Rodney Hide, we know he and Joyce lied about wider consultation over the appointment of the ludicrously named Council Controlled Organisation's which will run 75% of Auckland's assets in near secrecy and we have this Momentum Consulting, stacked and influenced by National Party flunkies, appointing people to the hastily rammed through Super City.

Isn't this unchecked 'momentum' a recipe for disaster?

How's that change you all voted for in 2008 feeling folks? Dandy? Because if Labour had pulled a stunt like this, the NZ Herald editorial staff would be fire bombing Government buildings, Smile & Wave Key pulls this stuff and not a whisper from our right wing mainstream media.


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