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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bad day at the office

Another bad day at the office for our mate David Garrett, Act MP. Guyon Espiner ruins his afternoon in something of a classic move: Espiner is at a whisper in all innocent, reverential tones at the start of the question and then once Garrett realises he's been sprung and walks off Espiner becomes louder and more demanding - shoving the microphone in his face and getting in his way as his victim hurriedly marches off down the corridor attempting to flee to the safety of parliament's inner sanctum.

And the feeding frenzy begins:
UPDATE | 3:30PM:
Such hypocrites.
So true.
...oh FFS.

Bad day in his office, not my office! I have, on occasion when the issue was raised, in exasperation rather flippantly responded: "who hasn't?" Well - despite the name suppression - they are popping out of the woodwork. Then again given that Slater was pinged seven grand yesterday for breaching suppression orders on his blog I'm not prepared to make the same mistake that he has. All I can say is after hearing the parliamentary disclosure at 2pm I can concur that youth, a disregard for the future, a contempt for the State and "curiosity" are a recipe for actions that lead to nothing other than regret. In my own circumstances upon being confronted by the police I confessed fully and immediately so that the police did not need to create victims out of the innocent parties by informing them of my opportunistic misuse of official documents. It is something for which I have paid the penalty and obviously still pay the penalty because I was not in the right category to merit name suppression.


At 15/9/10 8:42 pm, Blogger Rangi said...

Hopefully the "man on the street" takes this as a chance to realize that the SST is a bunch of emotionally retarded hypocrites.


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