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Monday, September 13, 2010

America wakes up and wants to be our mate again

Military exercises step up in US thaw
New Zealand and the United States are set to hold military exercises together and share intelligence on Afghanistan, it has been revealed.

Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific Kurt Campbell signalled the step up in the relationship during the launch of a major new study into New Zealand-US relations.

The study is backed by both countries' governments and agencies including the Pentagon and US State Department.

It is sponsored by the New Zealand and US business councils and will be carried out by Washington think tank the Centre for Strategic and International studies and the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs.

With China focused like the eye of Mordor on NZ with attempts to buy our Farm lands (who is going to buy the SCF farms and why is it so quiet on that front???), donating $200 000 to the National Party and attempts to set up a new political party in NZ all via 'Natural Dairy NZ', America have woken up and realized China is flexing their muscle into a sphere of influence here in NZ they had always taken for granted, so all of a sudden America wants to be our best friends forever.

The real game will be how NZ plays America off against China. China need us to test their lowest cost capitalism out here in NZ, I say we let them. Let's have them rebuild NZ, not just Christchurch, let them into rebuild all our infrastructure, broadband, new public transport, the latest green technology - THE LOT! But how do we do that without them bribing our Political Parties and interfer with the political process, we don't want to be a South Pacific version of Tibet, well perhaps the investment dollars need to be American, the construction Chinese.

When will we see a symbolic American ship visit? Obama wants to come to NZ, how about an invite to the 'white fleet' of the Coast Guard - that way we would know the ships don't have any nuclear powered engines or weapons.

How we as NZers balance being the new battleground between China and America in their struggle to be the undisputed super power will be the true test of any politician.


At 13/9/10 10:50 am, Blogger dave said...

More importantly how can NZ workers unite with both Chinese and US workers and expropriate all the bwankers.

At 13/9/10 2:12 pm, Anonymous Dave in Macau said...

I wish I could believe that our politicians are skilled enough to play off the U$A against China, but I just have visions of them getting excited over a concession of blankets or coloured glass beads....


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