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Friday, September 17, 2010

90 day right to sack will hurt women more

Women at greater risk from job trials, MPs told
Women are more at risk from 90-day trial periods because they are weaker negotiators than men, Parliament has been told. Judy McGregor, the Equal Employment Opportunities commissioner for the Human Rights Commission, spoke to the industrial relations select committee yesterday on changes to employment law, including the extension of the 90-day trial period to all workplaces.

Right so the 90 day right to sack powers that were expanded to all work places by the ACT party of hypocrites , that's right, the very same ACT party of hypocrites who are embroiled in hiding the criminal past of their law and order hard man were the ones that expanded this sexist 90 day right to sack powers to all NZers.

How's that 'change' feeling NZ? A fringe political party of hypocrites gets to implement sexist policy AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE ACTUAL MINISTER let's not forget and this is 'change'? In the ideological vacuum I like to call John Key's leadership, he has allowed the tail of ACT to wag the entire dog of the Government.

Why would any woman vote for these clowns?


At 17/9/10 11:38 pm, Anonymous Susan said...

This may shock you, but some women are actually employers who will benefit from this law (I know right? how the hell could a woman be able to negotiate their way up to important positions like that when they are so obviously inferior to men at basic business skills like negotiating)

At 18/9/10 3:12 am, Blogger Heine said...

Nice to know you are endorsing the blatantly sexist and inaccurate stereotype that women are bad negotiators Bomber.

I will pass that along to the girls at the Hand Mirror so they can thank you wildly for your high praise for them :)

At 18/9/10 6:41 am, Blogger Bomber said...

'Susan' this may shock you but it was actually the human rights commission who came out with this report. If you are claiming they are sexist I'll start laughing now.

Heine, when you aren't making up sleaze about Charles Chauvel you are on this site trying to make up sleaze about me being sexist, I hope you do pass this along to Hand Mirror because I'm sure they have reading and comprehension skills - WHO SAID WOMEN COULDN'T NEGOTIATE? Why the HRC, you go tell the Hand Mirror that the HRC is sexist, off you go love, you let me know how much time they give you.

This blatantly sexist law expanded by ACT against the wishes of the Minister of Labour is simply another example of the ACT tail wagging the National dog. Thank you for allowing me to make that point again and continue to make this point as women start to feel the impact of this sexist expansion of ACT free market philosophy.

I know it's been a hard day watching your beloved ACT implode, but try to keep your lying filth aimed else way Heine.


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