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Monday, August 23, 2010

With ACT imploding, isn't it time the Maori Party grew some balls?

National agreed to the Maori Party as a partner to this Government after they had a guaranteed majority from ACT because it allows National to look much more moderate than they really are. This 'mana enhancing relationship' has seen the Maori Party eat dead rat after dead rat after dead rat. Denying Maori representation on the Auckland Super City, The Emission Trading Scam which will subsidize big polluters rather than punish them actually saw the Maori Party hilariously helping white mofos rape and pillage the land, and let's not forget all the other bullshit legislation the Maori Party have quietly gone along with but which all went against their principles.

Well that should stop.

ACT is imploding, what self respecting female voter in Epsom will vote for a sexist bully? Most woman sadly will have worked for a bully and can automatically identify with Heather Roy, why would they vote for the perk bluster of Hide now? They won't. ACT are a joke looking for a punchline, they are down and out, which means the Maori Party should start flexing their political muscle and fight these hard right policy directions rather than meekly being told where to sit on the bus.

Come on Maori Party, the rough tough street cred crap from Hone only goes so far, it's time to grow some and actually push National, with ACT in a death spiral, it's time to recoup some of that mana.


At 23/8/10 1:46 pm, Blogger big news said...

Bomber, I think the Maori Party is too busy looking for a chief of staff, while doing its best to ensure Hone doesn't say too many more stupid things.

At 23/8/10 2:05 pm, Blogger Cameron Campbell said...

Hone says "stupid things" in a way that seems to be completely timed to me.

The co-leaders can go around saying stuff like that, so he does it.


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