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Monday, August 16, 2010

We Twitter and Facebook

We Twitter:

Bomber is on Twitter @ NZbomber

The War on News Facebook group

Citizen A Facebook group

Tumeke! blog is on twitter @ TUMEKE_blog

Tumeke! international (news) is on twitter @ NEWS_UPDATES


At 16/8/10 10:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The student media is grappling with the "digital natives" most students have become.Most student magazines have been unsuccessful establishing an internet presence but not craccum.Former editor Bomber, who passes unmentioned in a recent article on students associations and their many outlets reaching students called Student Media by Matt Mollgaard in Ray Millers stage one politics course textbook new edition.Nevermind tumeke is now officially part of the student media and should receive due recognition as such for editor Tim Selwyn.While other mainstream presences continue to falter in the real world (Brown et al) of commercial broadcasting for the advertisers dollar and spectrum we won't falter like they have.As the real president I hereby coin the phrase tumeke/too much!

At 16/8/10 11:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...




At 17/8/10 1:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BFM;In N.Z tertiary students must protect the very valuable radio spectrum they fought so hard for.A well established radio and press system even in the press gallery at parliament.All outside the clutches of capital and the threat foreign ownership or interference like when Noelle McCarthy busted Don Brash in the Hollow Men.

Noelle McCarthy; Now is it true that two weeks ago you met with members of the exclusive brethren who are behind this anti labour govt. leaflet campaign.

Dr.Trash; Oh yes, I have met with them; I've made that quite clear...they told me they were utterly fed up with the govt. and I agreed with them.

At 17/8/10 1:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

everything will flow...


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