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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We don't ask about suicide in NZ, because we don't want to hear the answers

Suicide prompts call for privacy review
A coroner is calling for a review of privacy laws to better enable counsellors to divulge confidential details about suicidal patients, after a Wellington student's self-inflicted death.

We don't want to talk about suicide because NZ doesn't want to hear the answers as to why young people commit suicide higher than almost anywhere else on the face of the planet. We spend millions and millions on policing and educating on the road toll because of 'public safety' and we pass draconian Police powers in the form of 'drug driving' laws yet we have no where near the same resource pushed into suicide yet the suicide rate soars above our total road death rate.

We don't want to know why young people kill themselves because we don't want to know the answers. We don't want to know that the suicide rate tripled during the restructuring of the 1980s and 1990s in this country - the right wing NEVER mention that EVER, and surprise surprise it doesn't get one mention in this discussion. Our move away from community to the selfishness of the individual uber allas during that time had more of a negative impact on our suicide rate than anything else.

As we enter the great depression the Government's answer is to slash the very public services we know people who are vulnerable in society will need to grasp onto, we know economic depression has a direct result on the suicide rate, but our need to sweep the crises under the carpet so that we don't front up to the impact economic policy as social policy cause continues to deny there is a problem.


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