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Friday, August 13, 2010

Ummm, why is Tony Ryall spying on hospitals?

Ryall defends surprise spot checks on hospitals
Health Minister Tony Ryall has defended his surprise visits to hospital emergency departments, saying it is important for him to see first-hand what is happening.

Ummmmm - what the bloody hell is he doing? Is this a smokescreen to hide the massive slash and burn program quietly going on in health? Better Tony plays spy in a hospital and make that the story than, 'why are you slashing health around the country'?

How odd of him to explain this away as doing research, how can a secret visit be used to ascertain how well the health system is holding up and base decisions on mere observation? What if it was a quiet night, will he decide they need to have their budget slashed?

Ministers visiting the coal face is great, Ministers spying on the coal face and making decisions based on his own observations seems a bizarre way to create social policy.


At 13/8/10 3:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's bullshit.

Ryall has the fixed false believe that you can ascertain how well a health system is working by the waiting time in the emergency department and how many minot surgeries are done.

It's total rubbish. But its an easy win for him. It means nothing for peoples real care, and tells us nothing about the good work that has been done or the better work needing to be done.

It is vote popular bullshit. Easy political crap that will give him a couple of 'wins' and mean nothing for real health care


At 13/8/10 3:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

have you got any evidence he is making changes on the basis of these visits? I would love to see it becuase without it, in light of your comments "Ministers visiting the coal face is great" then you accept his visits are a good thing.


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