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Monday, August 09, 2010

Solo Mothers have to tighten their belts because of greedy merchant bankers

Warning of $50b bill on welfare
New Zealand's welfare system is being set up for reform, with a Government-appointed working group saying it is "unsustainable, outdated and fragmented".

We love to bash the bennie in NZ, it's a hobby right up there with domestic violence and alcoholism. In the creche under Parliament, little National Party children are allowed once a month to attack a pinata in the shape of a bludger with little 'Paula Batons' to smash the bludger pinata open, so the children can feast on the rich creamy bennie brains.

So, other than Islamaphobic fiction writers who connect intelligence to wealth and advocate corporations run social welfare, who else is on this Welfare razor gang?

Surprise, surprise - the former president of ACT, Catherine Isaac. A day after the Welfare Working Group first met on April 30th, Roger Kerr, the Executive Director of the Business Roundtable published an opinion piece in the Dominion Post claiming unemployment is a political choice, as in the poor choose to be poor.

Rodger rages against the welfare machine by claiming if only we dumped the minimum youth wage and weaken unions, then employers like him would hire and Ayn Rand would come back from the grave with Adam Smith and they will lay the foundations of a pure free market city state (with a weirdly overt militaristic Police force).

The kicker is, Rodger Kerr is married to Catherine Isaac, he’s writing hard right send-the-kids-down-the-mine-to-work-social-policy the day after his wife’s first meeting for the Welfare Working Group.

And what about Adrian Roberts and Enid Ratahi Pryor who are current corporate welfare contractors to the Government, what possible advice are theu going to give beyond 'more corporate contracts in social welfare'??? It's like having Pig Farmers set the legal welfare conditions for their pigs!


How bout I just save everyone about a million bucks worth of our tax payer dollars in consultancy fees and pointless bureaucracy to tell everyone what this insanely biased bullshit scam of a joke wrapped up in ribbon so called Working Group is going to breathlessly report back to us with?

Bludgers will be rorting the system
Bludgers will be causing cancer
Bludgers may be attracting aliens
Bludgers will be using your taxpayer dollars to buy booze and drugs as they rob you while you are out of your house while you are working hard to pay your mortgage and pay your bills and look after your kids and all these bludgers will want to do is piss on your mothers grave.

When it comes to welfare, Bennett displays all the sadistic and self righteous qualities of a reformed smoker. I can't wait to see the look on her face when she is forced to pay out of her own pocket all that money to solo mum, Tarsha Fuller for breaching her privacy rights.

The problem isn't solo mothers on welfare, the problem is 6.8% unemployment caused by greedy merchant bankers who purposely crashed the global economy!

If you aren't getting angry, you aren't paying attention.


At 9/8/10 11:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber, you are so right to point out this crock of shit.

This working group obviously fails to see people are unemployed because THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH SUITABLE JOBS, or the education system has failed them or for valid medical reasons.

This Nat government will never truly help the working man or woman - all they care about is the bottom line of their rich corporate paymasters.

At 9/8/10 12:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its time the educated elites (or those who get their news from other than the rock) to rise up and protest on the streets against the failure of our media to point out this bollocks. Enough is enough etc. These pricks know hardly anyone is watching and they know they will get away with it. for a while at least

At 9/8/10 1:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"If you aren't getting angry, you aren't paying attention."

Nah, its just that most sane people don't believe the pork board is out to get us.

At 9/8/10 2:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're only angry coz that tin foil hat you are wearing is too tight!

At 9/8/10 5:32 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Nah, its just that most sane people don't believe the pork board is out to get us.

Oh you are that anono troll again, normally I don't bother with Anono Trolls, but I don't mind giving the odd slow one a public spanking. The issue you are of course referring to is the Pork Board's use of private security advisors planting gps tracking bugs on activists, I was connecting it to the new search and Surveillance powers the Police want in October where these powers will be expanded not just to the Police but 70 other Government organizations like the Pork Board. I'm surprised you are so slow on this issue anono troll?

You're only angry coz that tin foil hat you are wearing is too tight!
I only wore that tin foil hat once on the war on news

At 16/8/10 9:16 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

Nah, its just that most sane people don't believe the pork board is out to get us.

Oh and do you still employ Leanne or did she move on?

At 22/8/10 8:22 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

of course these jerks who bash single mums receiving government assistance don't mind renting out multiple properties to tenants like her, who will never be able to own those properties, and making money off them in other ways such as paying them under the table for goods and services. Ha. Hypocrites.


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