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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rodney can hide but can't run from Roy's sacking

John Armstrong gets angry...
Act's silence wrong
Not good enough, Mr Hide. Not good enough at all.

The press conference held at Parliament early this afternoon featuring Act leader Rodney Hide, the party's new deputy leader, John Boscawen, and party president Michael Crozier was little short of a disgrace.

Act is the one party which bases its sales pitch on the notion of accountability. Not a skerrick of that concept was apparent during the 20 minutes or so that Rodney Hide and then Boscawen repeatedly refused to utter one word which might have added up to an explanation as to why Heather Roy had been dumped as the party's deputy.

Voters - especially Act voters - deserve better.

...as arousing as watching the implosion of ACT is, why on earth should Rodney be able to hide the reason as to why a Minister was sacked?

I love watching the pain from the right wing trying to cover for ACT, the silence is deafening over at Cactus Kate who apparently has nothing to say about her beloved Rodney as it is over at No Minister who apparently have nothing to say about their favourite pin up boy from the right either.

I note that when David over at Kiwiblog wasn't visiting Eagles Nest (eerie isn't it?) he won't even mention Rodney's silence in his post on the topic (gutless David, VERY gutless) and only mentions ACT again to bitch about a post Idiot/Savant wrote, at least Cam over at Whaleoil is prepared to call ACT on their bullshit

ACT are an old boys club who deserve all the contempt they get, they have no intellectual high ground and are simply an extension of the Sensible Sentencing Trust and have nothing to offer as social policy other than public floggings.

The fact that the right wing blogosphere are as silent as they are over Rodney's own silence amusingly speaks volumes.

ACT go bye bye now.


At 18/8/10 2:22 pm, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

On holiday shopping most of yesterday Bomber in NYC and in morning caught train from Washington.

Nothing to comment about that hasn't already been said on my blog around time of the ACT conference.

When an MP continually undermines the leadership of the Party they eventually have to go. Ala Chris Carter. The Roy Sideshow has gone on long enough.

It's pretty clear why Roy had to go since her speech on Swans at the ACT conference in Feb/March.

At 18/8/10 2:28 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

GRIN - I never took you for an old boys club supporter Kate, where's the sisterhood at the top and why haven't you formed a union for it?

You know deep down in places you never want to mention in public that past all the right wing rhetoric that you are secretly a socialist yearning for compulsory union fees.


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