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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Police sexual misconduct victims get screwed by Government

Police sex witnesses denied compensation
The Government has rejected a secret forum's recommendation that 10 women who alleged sexual misconduct by police officers get reparation. A letter obtained by The Dominion Post reveals the forum chairwoman, Wellington lawyer Rachael Brown, recommended that the Government pay "financial redress" for alleged misconduct by police officers. But the Cabinet has ignored the recommendation – angering women who spoke at the forum, including Donna Johnson, of Tauranga. Ms Johnson – who alleged convicted rapist and former Bay of Plenty detective Brad Shipton stalked her and forced her to perform oral sex – questioned why the Government bothered with the forum if its key recommendation was going to be ignored.

So the Government's position is that they aren't responsible for sexual conduct committed by on duty Police Officers and they have IGNORED the recommendations from this secret forum - why the bloody hell go through the forum to only ignore it??? Don't you love Finlayson's comment - "I know this decision will be disappointing. I hope that the opportunity to tell your story and be referred to additional services has been helpful," - yeah Chris, I'm sure they loved having to recount their sexual abuse at the hands of Police only to get no acknowledgement and completely ignored.

I'm shocked by this Government, but I know I shouldn't be, let's remind ourselves that under the manufactured crises at ACC, this Government have redefined rape as an 'acute event' so that they can decline 90% of claims for counselling by sexual assault victims.

I have no idea how any woman can vote for National.


At 13/8/10 8:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea how any woman can vote for National.

I have no idea how any women can associate with men.

Last time I looked, men were doing the raping, not the National Party.

At 13/8/10 7:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Last time I looked, men were doing the raping, not the National Party."

Because they're raping our childrens future...or some such leftard nonsense.


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