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Friday, August 20, 2010

Natural Dairy NZ shouldn't be able to buy Crafar Farms as easily as they have bought the National Party

China link to Nats' $200,000
The National Party has received $200,000 from a wealthy Chinese New Zealand couple linked to the businessman behind the foreign bid for the Crafar dairy-farm empire. The sum is one of a number of large donations to the party's campaign war chest, which has swelled by $355,000 in recent weeks. Auckland woman Susan Chou donated $150,000 last month on top of $50,000 the month before.

Well, well, well so the Government has taken $200 000 from the Chinese backers of the Crafar Farm bid, I don't think that when NZers went to the polls in 2008 voting for 'change' that this was the 'change' they voted for! Taking $200 000 from Natural Dairy NZ (does it fuck anyone else off that a Chinese company has stolen our country name, brand and product all in the one corporate label?) means this Government CAN NOT in good faith allow the deal to go through. I don't care what Bill Ralston says, allowing China to buy up our productive land when they are able to gain 0% interest loans directly from the Chinese Government is not the Free Market at work, and why should we allow China to buy land here when they don't allow 'foreigners' to buy land in China?

I say we allow China to test their lowest cost capitalism out here, but we don't allow them to buy land as easily as they have bought the National Party!


At 20/8/10 12:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and why should we allow China to buy land here when they don't allow 'foreigners' to buy land in China?

Well no one can buy land in China. Thats one of the defining legacies of the 1949 revolution.

So nothing to do with anti-foreigner sentiment or xenophobia as you were perhaps implying.

I believe Natural Dairy is a Hong Kong company.

It might interest you to know that Hong Kong's biggest baddest bank is HSBC - British owned,
and Hong Kong's prime real estate - Central's Lan Kwai Fong area - is owned by a German Jew - Allan Zeeman - who has been there about three decades, but only took up HK citizenship about two years ago.

As for the fact that some businessman sat on the board of some committee set up by another businessman and trying to imply sinister links is just fucken laughable - fuck there are only about five degrees of separation between two people in a country as large as the US. In little NZ I would suspect it would be 3 or 4 and for people in the business world about 2 at max.

Suck on all that.


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