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Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Nation and q+a review

Ratings for last week dipped for both shows, q+a 142, 030 - The Nation 62 670.

The Nation
Labour Party President Andrew Little is being dragged over the coals. Is Carters expulsion certain Garner asks, Andrew says it's just principals of natural justice now, Chris is gone burger. Little says that Chris's comments are calculated to damage the party and leader. Duncan says some have privately said to him that Goff can't win, Little argues that once some look past the panic mode they will see that there are a host of issues where Phil will flourish.

Little points out the right wing blogs tried to split Labour and the Unions by misconstruing Phil's discussion on trading the fourth week. 'Won't die in a ditch about it' says Garner, Little counters, 'Phil meant we have a number of Labour issues, but if elected we will repeal all of this'.

This has actually given Labour a chance to explain their position rather then having the mainstream media take their leads from right wing blogs.

Party finances are said to be in good stead after Garner quizzes him on Carters Garner springs on him that Phil had said in the field that finances weren't that healthy. Little is ambushed, he flat foots, Duncan smirks.

OH MY GOD WHAT A BRILLIANT PANEL!!!!! Brian Edwards, Chris Trotter, Matt McCarten and David Lomas. This is great TV! Brian points out that polls can change quickly, Matt points out it was Chris going a bit obsessed, they all point out that Phil isn't going to get rolled except Lomas who for some crazy reason thinks Goff should go before the election, he didn't really know who would replace him - deputy editor of the Listener you say? Possibly the best television panel ever. Pity about Lomas.

Professor White is on to discuss the strategic changes NZ needs to look at in regards to China. The Prof says that peace in Asia has occurred because they are fearful they would lose a war against America, but as China gets more powerful they will challenge America for that. This leads to my 'NZ as the new war in the Sino-America death match' scenario. I think NZ is becoming the place where this fight between the super powers will be wrestled out. The good Professor thinks that we've done well because of America, so he thinks we should stay in their shadow, he thinks if the competition between America and China gets rougher we will see the effects in our part of the world.

Culture Capital bitch fight is on between Auckland and Wellington (yawn). The deal is because lots of corporate head offices have moved to Auckland a lot of corporate money is wanking around in corporate art. So really this has bugger all to do with culture, it has to do with corporate culture. My interest is waning, I'm flicking between this and the evangelical Apocalypse news show 'Tomorrow's World' on Prime TV (they have a rapture colour code). Matthew 24:21-22 sounds heavy, remember the great tribulation and cosmocide? It sounds like a bad night at Chris Carters house. Back to the Culture Capital bitch fight, sadly because of bloody Vector, Auckland looks good re the seats, but we don't have enough small theatres so suggesting Auckland is a Cultural Capital is just bullshit (I'm going to interview Bob Kerridge next week for Tumeke re the Save the St James project). I choke on my tea because Oliver Driver is on talking about making a successful life as an actor (he'd know after losing Sunrise). Back again to the Panel, they see NZ First as a looming crises.

Garner having Brian Edwards on was classy.

Last word is that awful Not PC Nanny State guy. I'm off to q+a...

It's a Super City special - this should be dynamite! Andrew Williams vs Len Brown vs John Banks - let's get ready to rumble. Each man is okay for 30second soundbites but anything expansive and they all seem to have a habit of leaving the road of reason to go traipsing into the minefield of crazy garbage that can pop out of anyone of their mouths. A massive cock up here could echo till the election. I remember when we interviewed John Banks for Alt Tv, he told us that he cared more about penguins than social issues...

...opening monologue is up and running. Carter's home goal is top news. My suicide bomber joke gets stolen!!! The Tibet trip funded by China rolls the eyes. Paul puts the boot into the Gerry picking Gerry used to hide that the wage gap has actually increased under National. The gutless back down over booze was a good point, and Paul rammed it all home that any of those issues could have been the big issues of the week if it hadn't been for bloody Chris Carter.

Banks is up in what 3 years will look like under him. He is clipped, wants to embrace communities, its about investment, growth, jobs.

Williams - Cruise terminal, electric trains, economic growth, communities together, vibrancy through arts, music and culture.

Len, - fixing transport system, safer communities, local boards preserving identities, capped rates, beautiful city.

How will they represent wider Auckland? Williams isn't sure, Len wants rotating Council meetings, Banks is jumping up and down about booze outlets (???) he wants to reach out to the local boards? What does that mean? Len fires up about proliferation and wants legislation change.

Banks says 'stable leadership' and looks at Len and Andrew when he says that. Paul challenges John on all the crazy bullshit he has said in the past, Banks says if you are only going to look at his faults you won't vote for him.

Williams is questioned on texts and having a wee (stupid questions).

Len gets pounded re his spending, Len makes a credible stand of it.

Banks flower budget gets scrutinized and his claim hew doesn't have a credit card is bullshit (his PA does).


Banks keeps saying 'experience' and 'affordable progress' a lot. He's also rude and NEVER answers a straight question.

Third crossing is being debated. Banks says he is mates with John Key so everything will be sweet. Williams and Brown are very specific, Banks isn't.

Waterfront is being debated, Len should be soaring his vision here, he needs to work on that. Williams sounds credible (keeps going on about Captain Cook Warf). FINALLY SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT PEDESTRIANIZING QUEEN STREET! I may vote for Williams for that idea alone.

So who won..
Okay, Banks is creepy and I wouldn't trust him one bloody inch but he is smooth as silk and did a great performance. He's still in the game.

Williams came across much better than anyone would have predicted because he over promised, he is the dark horse here. Before he was in the game it was even between Brown and Banks, Williams has taken a lot away from Banks, but Williams also takes a lot away from Brown in terms of appealing to the skeptical supercity crowd.

Len wasn't as confident as he should have been, he needs more than 'I'm not John Banks'.

To the Panel, Theresa says it has to go well for National, where Auckland turns the country turns.

It's Paul one on one with Phil Goff. Is the damage to Phil's leadership? Phil counters that it's Carter who has damaged himself, and he is respectful to Chris by backing off criticism. Paul asks if Phil has the support of the Caucus? Phil says he does. Paul asks if people think he's 'got it' to win, Phil should be pointing out that NZers will feel the issues in their pocket and that's when they will want to hear about the alternatives from this Government. Paul is pushing him on 4th week, Phil fires it back it isn't the most important issue, Phil should be attacking Paul for taking news leads from the right wing blogosphere trying to split the solidarity between Labour and the Unions. He is talking rejuvenation in Te Atatu (Deborah Manning would be a rejuvenation Phil).

Phil finally gets to October - YES SING IT BROTHER! Pointing out that NZers are going to feel cheated after the GST tax rise when John Key's words that they would be better off turn out to be hollow is exactly where Phil needs to be directing the debate - not right wing blogs pretending there is a split between the Union and Labour.

Good Current Affairs shows all round


At 1/8/10 11:24 am, Anonymous Jeremy said...

A snake is a good description of John Banks. He very much reminds me of my dad. He may have softened on the outside a little but inside they don't change - old dogs don't change.

That thing about opportunity, prosperity and security was something taken out of the last budget under Helen Clark. Also that look he gave to the mayors was weird it seem out of sync.

At 1/8/10 11:30 am, Anonymous aj said...

Spent last weekend in Auckland and fortunately found a pub selling Speights just down Ponsonby Rd, so it not such a bad place after all.
Won't Willaims and Brown split the vote and allow Banks to slip through?

At 1/8/10 11:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Little argues that once some look past the panic mode they will see that there are a host of issues where Phil will flourish. "

LOL this made my day. Phil is pretty much the political quivalent to a pot plat though with just as much effectiveness.

At 1/8/10 1:29 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Therese you are a bloody good Pol. Sci. lecturer. I learnt a lot from your courses. What are you doing with these lunatics?

At 1/8/10 1:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I agree with you that Banks won the Q and A debate this morning. Nothing of substance from williams or brown, banks wasn't terrific, but clearly the most experienced of the three.

At 1/8/10 5:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Williams was all over the place, didn't have a clue. As for having four deputy mayors, yeah, I can see that working.


Banks won, clearly.

At 1/8/10 7:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should renters get to have a say in how ratepayers money is spent.

Of course bomber wants a leftie, he doesnt have to pay for any of the promises.

At 1/8/10 8:48 pm, Anonymous Jeremy said...

There was no clear winner, not if you assume voters possess some intelligence, well I hope so because I'm not that sharp.

I found it quite ironic that John Banks was yapping "promises, promises" in the background.*

*presumption of non ignorance of reader.


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