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Friday, August 13, 2010

Key asked Unions to name and shame so the Unions name and shame

Unions begin 'name and shame' campaign
A former pharmacy employee who said she lost her job as a direct result of the 90-day-trial employment law, is now appearing in an online campaign to push the unions' cause.

Isn't it great seeing the Unions and John Key working together again? Key asked the Unions to name and shame any boss man who was abusing the 90 day right to sack, and they are, that's partnership on labour relations isn't it folks?

The 90 day right to sack will not provide more work for those on the margins, the Department of Labour report Key used to claim this actually says there is NO evidence for that belief by using a 90 day right to sack and in fact the trial showed the boss man used the 90 day right to sack to sack one in 5 workers. Based on that trail, and with 400 000 new workers each year, this scheme could cost 80 000 NZ jobs.

This has nothing to do with productivity and everything to do with raising corporate donations for the 2011 election war chest with a bit of good old fashioned union bashing.


At 13/8/10 12:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on them, name and shame away. The anecdotes will rise to the surface which will shock and require looking into. This is a loop hole which needs closing.

This should only be limited to small businesses, larger firms have HR Departments or recruiters, whose core business it is (in theory!) to find the best fit, and one dud member of staff won't be the death of them.

Small business is helped by this, I work in one and we are hiring someone new. We have confidence is this person's abilities from the get go, and it's been something we've struck out of the agreement.

However for someone we didn't know, it would certainly be something we'd look at (the latest increase takes us to 5 staff.) We can't afford the hassle that would come with a bad egg, when the "big cheese" is also the sales arm, we can't have their eye taken off the ball.

Certainly makes us more likely to take a punt; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our industry requires a good deal of upskilling, so we wouldn't benefit from a rolling 3-monthly worker; even if we had that shortsighted outlook on staff.


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