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Friday, August 13, 2010

John Key isn't endorsing John Banks, he just loves John Banks

Presence 'not sign of Key's backing'
Prime Minister John Key denies he is endorsing big-city mayoral hopefuls by attending candidates' functions. Key will be the star turn at an event hosted by Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker on Tuesday. Last night, Parker said he "wished" he could secure Key's support. "He's probably the most popular politician in New Zealand, so I'm certainly hoping a little bit of that charisma might rub off on me," Parker said. "Who wouldn't want the endorsement of the Prime Minister?" This month Key attended a private function to thank the super-city campaign supporters of Auckland Mayor John Banks. He denied his attendance was an endorsement of the two mayoral campaigns, with local body elections set for October 9.

John Key isn't endorsing John Banks, he just turned up at a fund raiser for Banks where Key was advertised as the guest speaker because Key has a crush on Banks. The greatest flirtation in NZ political history continues with both Key and Banks shy about their love affair and clear that it is in no way an endorsement.

Key pretending that he isn't endorsing Banks is as credible as Chris Carter’s claim that all he wanted to do was bridge build and dialogue some leadership issues.

Dear Auckland - this Government annexed your city via a misuse of urgency and rammed it through with zero public scrutiny allowing Rodney Hide to set it up for a mass privatization. Your anger at the way National have stolen your city from you shouldn't ignore that Banks is deep inside the pocket of that very same Government.

Vote accordingly with that anger in mind.


At 14/8/10 10:16 am, Anonymous Simon said...

Who for?!From where I stand they all look like venal useless self aggrandising Muppets!


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