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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gutless National Government decision over booze blood levels

Big majority for lower alcohol limit
Almost two-thirds of New Zealanders support lowering the drink-driving limit, a survey has revealed.

This Government is soooooooo gutless when it comes to booze levels in blood because they have spent so much time creating the nanny state bogeyman - remember Key referring to the Political Correct stormtroopers of the Nanny State in one of his debates for the 2008 election? National have feed their favourite bogeyman to convince people the dykeocracy was forcing water saving showerheads and power saving lightbulbs down our throats.

I love reminding NZers how embarrassingly worked up they got over petty power saving lightbulbs and water saving showerheads and then comparing that supposed 'nanny state' to the social damage this Government is causing. I enjoy the difficult squirming it always causes in people who bought Key's 'change' bullshit hook, line and sinker.

Here we have the inane situation where John Key is hoping that Darren Hughes bloody private members bill to lower the blood booze levels gets pulled out so that he can sanction a conscience vote so that he doesn't get called 'nanny state'.

It's bullshit, it's pathetic and it is gutless. Social policy is not 'nanny state' you morons, it's about protecting society - allowing people to legally drive drunk is an outrage and allowing it to continue because the current Government has been so irresponsible by building up the political correctness social myth should be given the contempt it deserves.


At 11/8/10 5:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allowing stupid inattentive people to drive is the biggest problem.
Booze limit is a minor cause.
Do the stats, moron.
Do not forget that all accidents where booze is in any way involved are counted in official propaganda regardless of whether the accident was caused by it.

At 11/8/10 6:56 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

leave the drink limit where it is but raise the drinking age


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