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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Facebook poke only hurts when you are an Israeli soldier

Israeli soldiers' 'trophy' pictures
Former Israeli soldier Eden Abergil's Facebook photos of her posing with Palestinian prisoners has sparked accusations that 'souvenir photos' are widespread in the army. Veterans' group Breaking the Silence has released a number of soldiers' pictures, some showing dead Palestinians. The pictures were released with the soldiers' faces obscured, apart from the image of Abergil. The Guardian has pixellated the faces of the Palestinians

Oh isn't Eden Abergil a little joy? That smug arrogant smirk is the exact same one found on the American faces at Abu Ghraib...

...the reality is that the hate that has warped Israeli politics simply means they are incapable of ending their 43 year occupation and that is why Israel has to be forced to the peace table. War Crime investigations are all well and good, but Israel has to be forced into peace.


At 23/8/10 10:02 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

The idiocy of the Israeli Army knows no bounds, and really we should not be surprised at such pictures. The real work to change the mindset. Ditto the Palestinians,tho they need the help of the West to simply survive.

...If the UN created Israel as a nation, doesn't it have any colonial rights to tell the israeli govt to sort its shit out ??

At 24/8/10 7:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking idiot to put it on facebook! people think its private!


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