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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Conservative PM in South Pacific colony begs Queen for extra title - granted.

Wasn't that nice of her? To give John Key an extra title like that. Just like he wanted. He will be Right now, because he wasn't before. So he can feel a bit better about himself and feel equal to all the pre-Helengrad Prime Ministers. As an —

important mark of distinction for the holders of the Nation's highest public offices

— as Buckingham Palace called it.

Effective immediately too. Talk about relentless self-promotion.

NZ is a Prime Ministerial dictatorship and this latest indulgent, petty folly shows how absurd it has become in the hands of Tory monarchists. Knighthhoods for Africa, John Key is Right, Rule Britannia.


At 3/8/10 2:46 pm, Blogger Lewis said...

The titles are certainly pompous and unnecessary, but in Key's defence it seems he actually didn't want them. Hence the reason why he said he was "content" with the Honourable and then later told NZPA that the title change doesn't make a difference, which it doesn't.

It's pretty amazing that they actually let that statement get out in a press release from the Queen.

This move is simply another gambit by Buckingham Palace's emboldened spin doctors to win back support for the monarchy.

At 3/8/10 4:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is also after the Nobel peace prize which he will get after he hands NZ over to a bunch of racists.

At 3/8/10 9:30 pm, Anonymous Grant said...

Are we paying attention ? ..Key just wants this job for the prestige and the access it gives him to the places even 50 mill in the bank can't get you. Its the social life and the White House visits and David Letterman and all that stuff he's really interested in. That and the hard right tory agenda sure, but the prestige comes first.

At 4/8/10 7:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

... and it's the right hand I wank with...


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