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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Carter takes leave of his senses, constituents - and lastly parliament

No one does flouncing quite like Chris Carter.

A self-inflicted crisis of delusional egotism, vanity and spite brought about by excessive holidaying on the taxpayer's dollar can only be remedied by... more holidays on the taxpayer?

The time between Phil Goff's mild demotion of Carter and this latest incident was spent on holiday abroad. Now he's given himself a two month extended holiday away from parliament as stress leave. No doubt he will not be spending a second more than he has to faffing around with the proles in their track pants and ugg boots in his Te Atatu constituency - he will be off on holiday again - this time most likely to New York to try to get a job out of Helen at the UN. Something to keep him in the international jet-set manner to which he and his partner have become accustomed. The voters will be feeling the same way about him too: just don't come back - and under the rules it appears he doesn't have to come back either.

Ex-President Mike [Williams - not Smith] trying to spin the "sickness" line today for Labour:
His career imploding under the weight of his own ambition and then burning with the fuel of his own ineptitude into ashes is not a nervous breakdown or a physical illness - it is exactly what it is: a 'gay boy luxury trougher' having a drama queen tanty. [Brian Neeson, Ross Meurant and so on with the Nats and other non-'gay boy luxury trougher' MPs have also had their own fits of pique, their drama queen tanties, their disloyalty exposed, their hopeless over-ambition and entitlement laid bare - like Shane Jones - but none have done their chips quite like this.]

As far as political suicides go this has been a meal and a show - with the prospect of multiple encores yet to come.

But Labour aren't enjoying the public spectacle and Goff's leadership will look weak if it isn't resolved quickly and in his favour. Two months of holidays for Carter buys some cooling off time, but dragging it out and potentially watering Goff's demand for expulsion down to anything less is not going to be worth it.

John A Lee was kicked out for calling Mickey Savage mad; what Carter has done is just as bad: he went on TV and said "the message is: we can't win." He's just a useless oaf and the Party has every right to expel him.


At 4/8/10 1:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's Mike Williams, not Mike Smith (Smith lives in Wellington, Williams in Tat South)

At 4/8/10 2:10 pm, Blogger Eure said...

People who aren't gay also spin out big time when the fundamental elements of a carefully constructed existence collapse.

I don't like Labour (can't see much difference between them and the John Key mob of self interested creeps), prefer playing with women's bits than men's bottoms, and loathe the pretend 'working' holidays politicians take at citizen's expense, yet I find the hot steaming turd you dropped on Carter, a bloke in no state to avoid that malodorous missile, offensive in the extreme, Selwyn.

Calling Carter's obvious spin out a "drama queen tanty" is weak assed as well as wrong.

At 4/8/10 6:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The politicians like to keep all the sweet employment laws for themselves, then tell the rest of us how they think we should live.

Would be pretty cruisy to take be able to take till next election off at almost full pay.

At 4/8/10 8:53 pm, Blogger mickysavage said...

Sorry Bomber but I disagree ...

And I do so as some who (obviously) has loyalty to Labour and not to Carter.

Sometimes a person can spend a lifetime at a job and mostly do it well. Then they can be accused of doing something wrong which had been authorised by their superiors. And they can be subject to homophobic taunts at the same time and think that there is a conspiracy against them and they may suffer from the stress of dealing with this.

I would prefer that everyone's gaze was on Bill English and his $60k rort of the taxpayer. Carter's $250 worth of flowers is so less serious ...

At 5/8/10 12:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I would prefer that everyone's gaze was on Bill English and his $60k rort of the taxpayer. Carter's $250 worth of flowers is so less serious ..."

Of course you would as a labour supporter. It goes without saying that you'd sweep any criminal or fradulent behavior by labour under the carpet.

What an utterly predictable statement.

It heartens me to see Carter being spit roasted by both the media and his 'comrades'

At 5/8/10 2:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What hipocrisy! I can think of far worse a crime done by other politicians with monetary matters in the past... even you. Let's look at all the fraud cases within the last decade shall we?

It would be nice if Carter was remembered for all the hard work he has done in the past instead of focusing on one small aspect of wrongdoing. And called him gay names either just shows how weak and immature some people are.


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