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Monday, August 09, 2010

Appointing Richard Woods to the IPCA is like appointing Paul Henry to the Broadcasting Standards Authority

Just when the 'independent' Police Conduct Authority start handing out verdicts that show up the brutality of our NZ Police force...

Family hail report into police attack
The family of a Whakatane man who was pepper-sprayed and beaten in a police cell are supporting an independent police report that called the attack "unnecessary, unjustified and unreasonable". Kihi Falwasser, the mother of Rawiri Falwasser, said yesterday that the Independent Police Conduct Authority report of the arrest of her son in 2006 was "truthful and honest". "It showed the police officers had acted outside their procedures." Mrs Falwasser, of Tauranga, said the findings corresponded with what had taken place and been filmed on closed circuit television. "We're satisfied the authority has made their findings on what happened, not what was told in court. What happened was self-explanatory, if you see the security footage."

...we are reminded by my co-blogger at what a toothless, powerless agency charged with keeping our Police force in line the IPCA really is.

But it gets worse, that lying prick Richard Woods who ran the corrupt case against Ahmed Zaoui has now just bee appointed to the bloody Independent Police Conduct Authority! As the ever brilliant Gordon at Scoop points out...

On the appointing of Zaoui’s tormenter to investigate complaints against the Police
Just as the public can feel no confidence in Woods’ inclination to bother the Police with charges of misconduct, the media should be feeling similarly concerned. Through-out his career as a diplomat and as SIS Director, Woods’ commitment and training has been to conceal and to with-hold information from the public, and not to disclose it. To date, he has shown no sign of recognizing the legitimate role of the media in holding the Police or security services to account. After all, it was Woods’ entirely improper dealings with then-SIS Inspector-General Laurie Grieg – as the pair conspired together to find a way to frustrate a reasonable media inquiry – that was partly responsible for the courts deciding that Grieg should play no further role in the Zaoui case, on grounds of perceived bias.

...and what the hell is Zaoui doing now? This man branded a terrorist by Woods is now selling Kebabs in bloody Palmerston North! So much for the threat! So much for Woods lying about the Political Party Zaoui said he was a member of, so much for apologizing for lying about the Political Party Zaoui said he was a member of, so much for having an ill trained interrogator asking Zaoui what Political Party he was a member of and when Zaoui said FIS, the ill trained interrogators thought he said 'YES' as in 'YES I AM A MEMBER OF AN ISLAMIC RADICAL PARTY' - that's right, the bullshit case Woods took against Zaoui was all based on an ill trained interrogator mis-hearing the political party Zaoui said he was a member of - that's worth 10 months in fucking solitary confinement!

AND NOW this spy who led a corrupt case is now on the Independent Police Conduct Authority to rule on Police lying about their conduct!!! Unbelievable! It's like appointing that right wing homophobic Brian Neeson to the Human Rights Review Tribunal - utterly unacceptable and not a word from the mainstream media???

Appointing a man so involved in a miscarriage of justice like Richard Woods to the 'Independent' Police Conduct Authority is like appointing Paul Henry to the Broadcasting Standards Authority


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