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Thursday, August 05, 2010

America loves us again

With China wanting to test out it's lowest cost capitalism on us and expand into NZ, suddenly we are best mates with America again...

US, Australia and NZ talks resume as relations warm
Three-way talks between New Zealand, Australia and the United States will take place on the fringes of the Pacific Forum in Vanuatu this week - the first in decades. US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Kurt Campbell, confirmed the talks during a whistle-stop trip to Wellington today.

...with China and America spoiling for a wrestle to sort out who is top dog, NZ will become the new front in deciding that wrestle. How we as a tiny country manage to manipulate both will be the true test of any NZ Government over the next decade.


At 5/8/10 1:23 pm, Anonymous Dave in Macau said...

Yes Bomber, unfortunately we have a history of simply rolling over and letting them both do whatever they want to us....

I'd like to think that will change but as we slide further into third world status I doubt that it will.

At 5/8/10 11:34 pm, Blogger dave said...

I know who will win. China doesnt need NZ except for some Ag R&D. In China it means Rippoff and Duplicate. China itself has been the testbed of 'western' technology. Its outcompeting the West in Africa and Latin America. That's why China will win. Its on a roll, with the numbers to win. Besides NZ will have more Chinese than Maori in a few years. And Hone is going to be integrating his grandkids to get on board the Chinese waka.


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