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Friday, August 20, 2010

ACT hate women

Hide denies hinting ex-deputy used drugs
Act leader Rodney Hide emphatically denied in Parliament yesterday ever suggesting to another minister that his former deputy, Heather Roy, had used drugs.

He accused Labour of "appalling" behaviour for raising it.

Labour began yesterday what is likely to be the first of many attacks using the explosive private dossier prepared for Mrs Roy to use at the Act caucus on Tuesday, when she was ousted as deputy by John Boscawen and forced to resign her portfolios, including Associate Defence Minister.

The dossier, leaked to the Herald, reveals a deeply mistrustful relationship between Mrs Roy and Mr Hide. It sets out what she saw as a series of allegations against her by Mr Hide, and her rebuttal of them.

Referring to a conversation she had with Defence Minister Wayne Mapp, Mrs Roy's dossier states: "He said that Rodney Hide had approached him on more than one occasion to tell him things (including a rumour about drug use and other defamatory statements) and to find out information about Defence."

I'm not one for dancing on the graves of my political enemies - but - how ugly of Rodney to make such accusations about that nice Heather Roy! Here is the question of the day - how many female voters in Epsom will re-elect a sexist bully?

Every professional women will have encountered in their professional working life a male bully of a boss, meaning those woman can identify perfectly with Heather having to endure the old boys club, the reverberations of this meltdown will pay a hefty divvy to Rodney and his sensible sentencing mates.

ACT go bye bye now.


At 20/8/10 9:48 am, Blogger Heine said...

It must suck being you bomber. I It must be hard to make up stuff every day and pass it off as credible news.

At 20/8/10 9:56 am, Blogger Bomber said...

LMAO - Oh Heine, it doesn't suck nearly as bad as it must suck for you right now watching your precious ACT Party implode.

Chin up champ, if that post gets you down, what I'm going to say on Q+A on Sunday morning about Rodney will have you in tears.

At 20/8/10 11:24 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, can't wait for your battle with Farrar on Sunday, don't hold any punches Bomber! -- Don't you think he looks remarkably like Rodney?

On the other hand, I think this whole ACT implosion has played well into John Key's hand. If he gets sick of ACT all they need to do is stand a credible candidate in Epsom and ACT is Gone !

At 20/8/10 12:04 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Foreshore and Seabed Act = Labour hating maori

At 20/8/10 12:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please point out the sexism bomber, because I can't see it?

The only reason why I can see that you think Hide is sexist is because Roy is a female.

Now, reading into that, it appears that you don't think Hide should attack Roy precisely because she is female?

Who is being sexist here?

Btw: Is Goff a homophobe for likewise ousting Chris Carter?

At 20/8/10 12:59 pm, Anonymous Holly said...

Haha shame Heine!

Not many people can stand ACT and im keen to watch Q & A.

Also please Bomber can
you find out exactly what drugs Roy was accused of using
no one has mentioned it before??

At 20/8/10 3:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...




What the comming police state means for you!!

Submissions to parlimaent, all you need to do is send a email telling them what you think...


At 20/8/10 8:08 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

its all them drugs in lipstick, but the basis of your antagonism has merit bomber, bet Sir Roger wishes he never got old,

At 22/8/10 4:47 am, Blogger VuAnhSang said...

oke! i think it's problem


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