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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Will there be a new law if Police beat up civilians?

New law 'should deter attacks'
A Christchurch police officer who has been repeatedly attacked during his 13-year career has welcomed tougher penalties for assaults on police and prison staff.

We all know this is symbolic law and order bullshit National are passing for the hang em high brigade, the Judges already have a range of powers to deal with someone who strikes a cop, what this law will do however is make it mandatory so in a scenario where you are told you are under arrest because the Police man wants your DNA (as all those examples start popping out of the woodwork that Judith Collins was so quick to dismiss last week showing cops lying and manipulating the truth to get teenagers to hand over their DNA) , you offer verbal resistance, the cops gets shitty arrests you and as they often do, throw in an assault charge while you 'resisted' - this means their bullshit 'assault' charge now gets mandatory sentencing power rather than allowing the Judge to decide if it needs to be taken into account based on the evidence.

Police often use the threat of an assault charge as a means of forcing people to acquiesce to whatever waiving of civil rights they require, as we've seen with all these recent claims of Police lying to steal DNA, what I want to know however is will there be an extra power AGAINST Police for assaulting civilians, drunk off duty cops are a danger to the community, you could argue being beaten up by a cop is worse than getting beaten up by a fellow citizen because the cop is in a much more powerful position relative to you.

Why can't the public get extra protection from the Police?


At 7/7/10 7:22 am, Anonymous Sam said...

This is a really fucking scary situation happening now. We are turning into complete fascists and no one seems to give a shit because its not not he front page of the shit Herald. Wake up NZ its getting too late.

At 7/7/10 9:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha must be hard to be soo scared. fucking twat.

At 7/7/10 10:54 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

go mr troll!


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