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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Want to dodge questions about your own memory lapse re spending ratepayer cash? Let's host the Olympics!

Banks eyes Auckland Olympics ... no joke
Super City mayoral candidate John Banks has a vision of bringing the Olympic Games to Auckland in 2020.

Want to dodge questions about your own memory lapse re spending ratepayer money? Let's host the Olympics!

For Christ's sake, if you need a smokescreen to hide Banksies own questionable spending (not including all that Huljich Kiwisaver business as well) why make the diversion so ridiculously large that no one believes it?

The field day created by Len Brown's home goal after home goal after home goal seems to have softened the John Banks team into stupidity, all John Banks needed to do to hide his own over spending he couldn't remember was aim at something small, like having the Las Vegas Porn industry have its conference at Sky City, that would've worked, but the bloody Olympics? WTF? We can't get public transport moving on our choked roads as it is and the ugly fiasco the booze tent will create for the Rugby World Cup looks like it was a set from 'Once were Warriors' , how the bloody hell could we host the fucking Olympics???

How about instead of the Olympics, we focus on these ridiculous 'Council-Controlled Organisations' that have the barest of publuc oversight which will be crammed full of Rodney Hides and Steven Joyce's corporate mates who will use the lack of oversight to 'rationalize' our assets.

'Let's host the Olympics' - un-fucking-believable, a child couldn't have written this latest twist in the cluster fuck for the Super City top job, because a child would've known no one would buy it.

Oh, and isn't there a certain glee watching John Banks character assassination team on Len Browns council getting a taste of their own medicine?

Revealed - Manukau councillor's $1.54 expenses claim
Two Manukau City councillors at the forefront of attacks on Mayor Len Brown's credit card spending have been revealed to be sticklers for claiming expenses. One claimed reimbursement for an expense of less than $2. Papers released under the Official Information Act show city councillor Dick Quax - an Olympic and Commonwealth Games medallist - claimed $1.54 for travelling to a meeting 2km from his house. He is also recorded as claiming $11.20 for driving to a speed-reading course. Mr Quax is yet to pay $1500 for a two-day resource management course which he failed to attend in 2008.

Ugly Mr Quax, very, very ugly you hypocritical tightwad.


At 1/7/10 4:05 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Hold on Bomber, the Olympics could be just the economic kick start we need. Just look at the major success story that Greece has become......

At 2/7/10 9:43 am, Anonymous bc said...

Interesting though that John Banks has named all the people that were at the lunches he hosted and under what capacity they were there.
Len Brown still REFUSES to provide any reason for his expenses and to provide names despite the rules requiring him to do so. So what is he hiding exactly?
Agree about Quax!


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