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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Street justice

Queensland's Courier Mail reporting on a death in custody:

THE two police officers who handcuffed a teenager and made him lie down on a busy road just before he was hit by a car will give evidence to a coronial inquest today.

It seems the fatality is the result of gross idiocy rather than a deliberate attempt to put him in harm's way - at least that is the way this brief article reads. But in Australia the quality of the justice dispensed by the system will all depend on whether the 16 year old victim is white or is Aboriginal. If Andrew is white the Police may stand trial for his tragic death, and if Andrew is an Aborigine then he got what he deserved - that's undeniably how it works in Queensland.


At 13/7/10 4:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would you give a toss Tim - you are a whitey yourself!

Coloureds don't need any of your liberal faux outrage.

I like the new Black Panthers.

"Every last iota of a cracker...I hate him."


This dude is the real deal:


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