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Friday, July 23, 2010

Shhhh, don't ruin the school reputation

Teacher in porn case not reported
A primary school that sacked a teacher for possessing child pornography and bestiality images had failed to tell the Teachers Council. The Hutt Valley man, who has permanent name suppression, lost his job after his offending was revealed in 2008 and was last year convicted of 46 charges of possessing objectionable images. Teachers Council regulations say that all employers must report the dismissal of a teacher or if they believe that a teacher is engaged in serious misconduct.

As I pointed out last month, one of the problems is that schools who find out that their Teacher is abusing students don't want anyone else to know about the abuse lest it damage the schools precious little reputation, so they don't inform the reason why a Teacher suddenly leaves to the official database at all.

Some schools are not reporting bad teachers to the Teachers Council for fear of the teachers bad behaviour impacting on the schools reputation, there should be prosecutions of the School if they are found out not to have registered a complaint with the Teachers Council, as all some schools are doing is a Catholic Church styled hide the abuser game.

It ain't good enough.


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