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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Radio Host gagged

Radio host expects to lose his job today
Pacific radio host Efeso Collins has been summoned to a showdown meeting with his boss today over his on-air criticism of a Budget grant to a little-known Pacific company. Mr Collins slammed the $4 million allocation to Pacific Economic Development Agency Ltd (Peda) on his Saturday morning talk show Talanoa Pacific on Radio 531pi as a case of "backroom politics and money for the boys". He was stood down after a complaint by the station's senior announcer Mary Pahi, whose blog supporting the Peda deal also came under attack in Mr Collins' on-air comments.

Efeso Collins is a great man whom I have a massive amount of respect for. He was right to critique this bullshit PEDA deal and the only reason he is getting nailed from his radio job is because the brother of the PEDA deal also owns the radio station.

I sent an open letter to Pere Maitai the programme director at radio 531pi last month...

Dear Pere Maitai
I would like to register my disgust at the gagging of Efeso Collins on radio 531pi. I have known Efeso Collins since I was 20 years of age and hold him in the highest of regards in terms of his ethics and standing in his community. To gag him from his radio show for asking hard questions over the PEDA fiasco is a dent on the integrity of your station and of him personally.

I look forward to reading a press release from you re-instating Efeso.

Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury

It is disgusting that a man of Efeso's standing can be treated so poorly simply because he has the mana to question this joke of a PEDA deal.

This is NZ, not Fiji and censorship on radio stations should not be tolerated.


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