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Monday, July 19, 2010

Prison nightmare continues

Poor inmate health 'costing society'
The poor health of prisoners in New Zealand, including untreated addictions and disorders, drives a cycle of repeat offending that has a rising cost on the society, an independent report says.

Not content to create a monster department to sell off to private corporations to make profit from imprisonment, not content to lock people up for longer and longer terms minus any rehabilitation, NOW the prisons aren't even looking after the health of the prisoners which in turn impacts on the repeat offending.

Isn't it hilarious when hate replaces reason in our social policy? Round of applause NZ, our 'if it bleeds it leads' media inspired anger at crime is so easy to manipulate and the Sensible Sentencing lynch mob (who may or may not be getting funded by the private prison industry) have done all they can to get Simon Power and Crusher Collins to implement vengeance above justice.

We have 39 million sheep in NZ, 4 million can vote.


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