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Friday, July 16, 2010

No rape counselling so top 2% can get a tax cut

Is it just me, or is there something disgusting about a Government who would prefer to channel tax cuts to the richest top 2% of the country while shutting down funding for ACC rape counselling?

People who have been raped or sexually assaulted require counselling, to be told they can't get it because an 'acute event' occurred meaning there is no underlying mental illness is just bullshit, they aren't funding the counselling because they don't have the money because John Key has splurged it all on the top 2%.

National's definition of rape as an 'acute event' to block funding may as well have redefined rape as an 'involuntary sperm recipient' to minimize the impact on sexual assault survivors.

If you are not getting angry, you are not paying attention.


At 16/7/10 9:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there are real evidence that cowselllling works.

Are cowsellllors properly qualified, accountable and supervised. Many are from religion, their couwnselling will do as much good or harm as praying for you.

Its an industry (like re-hab) for which their is little real evidence.

Can you get ACC if you feel your cowselllor did you harm - how can you prove it, generally if the patient/victim doesn't better its considered to be their own fault.

Its a fashion that needs some real investigaton and exposing.

At 17/7/10 6:40 am, Anonymous Kelley said...

I got an email from an NZ friend yesterday who wished me well for my move back to the States and added, "Maybe you'll be over again, the next time you have a Republican President" to which I responded, "So long as I can live in NZ when it doesn't have a National party government." I really feel that we fled NZ in about the same way we fled America in 2005 after Gee Dubya got selected the 2nd time... It breaks my heart to see Key & Nats destroy New Zealand.


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